a bullet point list

::  Savannah is becoming quite the chunky monkey.  She has the loveliest, squishy thighs you can imagine.  could eat her -- she is so yummy.


::  right now on the diapering front we are switching between cloth diapers and disposables with rash cream.  miss priss knows how to go through the diapers quite quickly and it makes her rashy.  never had this issue with ethan... but definitely think that she is gaining more weight than big brother did.

:: speaking of diapers... what brand do you use??  I've been using pampers swaddlers... but have heard the dry max isn't good for rashy tushies... so, i went cheap and bought the target diapers...{i use them for Ethan who is quasi potty training}  But, today I found a huggies diaper {which i hated for big brother, but it fit her so nicely!} and loved it.  Something about the target diapers just doesn't absorb well...  I like cloth best, but let's be realistic here... we leave the house, we use rash cream... cloth only works about 75% of the time.

::  Ethan's naps are getting shorter.  Lord help me.

::  How in heaven's name do people take photos of both of their kids??  Geez, I find it impossible... but I will keep trying.  Perhaps after E's nap today.  See my failed attempt??


::  Yesterday we went to our friend's ranch and Faustino helped work cattle.  Would have been nice if I hadn't forgotten my camera.  Might have remembered it had i been better rested or didn't have a really cute baby screaming all morning.  We all had a very nice time...and...

::  Drove home from the farm in the Volvo sans a/c for the last time.  ever.  That's right, you won't have to deal with me complaining all summer long about how we don't have any cold air in the car.  You won't see me bringing a change of clothes places to change into once we arrive at our destination.  You won't see my poor sweaty babies in their car seats with the windows down driving down the highway on ozone action days.  This was to be the third summer with no a/c... thank god for the person who is making this happen.  I am already thinking about how life changing this is.

::  This is my one year anniversary of having the internet at our house.  yes, you read that correctly.   More life changing than the a/c...

::  I am going to finish the thankyou notes I have procrastinated... tonight.  I swear.

::  Braum's milk has changed my life.  Have I posted this before??  This little fact deserves its very own post.

::  Gumdrop pacifiers really are the most spectacular things.  ever.  especially the vanilla scented ones.  just because they are cooler.

::  My mother-in-law and I have built Ethan a little picnic table for the backyard... I will post pictures when it is painted... woodworking is fun.  Apparently I am too clueless to be discouraged... the knock off wood site is inspiring, i tell ya!

::  The garden is growing out of control but needs to be weeded desperately.  it gets all thirsty and sad in the middle of the day because the heat here is out. of. control.  and bugs are eating my lettuce.  the melon patch might take over the back of the yard when it is all said and done... cross your fingers.   it turns out the Ethan enjoys watermelon.  Perhaps tonight i will weed...?  At least the sunflowers like the heat!


::  Today, for the first time in nearly a year... I am wearing shorts I wore last summer.  I still have a ways to go...  I hate you maternity clothes, I hate you.

::  This week should be busy with lots of photo ops... should be fun.  Happy summer, everyone!

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