good morning

It is a good morning because I got to sleep all night.  Savannah went down at 10:30 or so and slept until 5:30!!!!!  I realize that posting this could very well jinx it, but I am so excited about the consecutive hours of sleep that I can't help myself.  I have not had that in over 2 months. {with the exception of one night when faustino fed her a bottle and i was too tired to hear them}  I credit it all to the miracle blanket.  I busted out the swaddle for the first time in a while... why did I stop??

It is also a good morning because it is raining.  It doesn't rain nearly often enough here for my liking - probably because I grew up in East Texas... where rain is more common.  It rained yesterday evening as well...there is hope yet for the garden.  And because it is raining?  I can open my kitchen window when I can tomatoes today.  Good thing because I think they have to be in the boiling water bath for over an hour and a half... and I don't have a vent-a-hood.  You would not believe how hot it gets in my kitchen!

Have a nice Tuesday!

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  1. oh i remember how hot it gets.., i just wish i could grow them...nothing but rocks, and a few flowers..love ya! keep cool, bonnie


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