weekend report

what a great weekend.  and we didn't go to the lake... or take a trip... or do anything "fun"  but it was still a great weekend.  because lots of nice little things add up to a great weekend.

right now, i am sitting at the computer, nursing a sweet baby, sipping on sweet tea, and i just finished eating these fried squash blossoms. nice, huh? 

{I think my husband's version last weekend were slightly tastier and far more beautiful... but it isn't surprising since he is really talented in the kitchen...I always tell him that he would make a far superior housewife.}

These are very yummy and easy to make... just pick them when they are open, wash out any beetles, and pull out the stamens.  Then stuff with feta, fresh basil and garlic,  twist shut, and then dip them in egg and flour.  This is where I think I strayed from my husband's approach.  I think that he made a batter, with the egg, milk, flour, bread crumbs all together.... but i could be wrong. {he's on call at the hospital right now... so I am opting to not bug him about my minor inquiries while he might be dealing with life and death situations. literally.}  I dipped mine in egg, then in flour and whole grain bread crumbs.  I think that he used the white bread crumbs.  His batter was lighter and fried up better.  Like I said, he has better kitchen instincts.  I credit it to genetics.  My mother in law has the same ability to whip up tasty things with no recipe.  I on the other hand...  I need to follow the recipe to a t...get comfy with the process and then add my own twists...

nonetheless, they were tasty.

and this morning has been full of housework {maybe that would normally not be nice, but after  you have a baby, getting back into the swing of things is wonderful}

I attempted but failed to get back on my schedule last week... so I will try again this week.  Each day of the week has a list of tasks associated with it... and for the last month, they have been halfheartedly completed in an untimely manner.  Today, I am getting a jump start on it.  how many loads of laundry do you do a week?  It has been consuming me today... it's a 6 load day.

but I also got outside to the garden for the mid-day watering duty.  yes, it is that hot.  the plants need a drink at noon so they won't die... gee, we need rain.  I did get to pick these little guys.  the first tomatoes of the season.


I got to go outside with mr. pickles by ourselves because sweat pea was napping... we had some nice one on one time. he's been coming up to me all week long and saying, "mama, i love you"  melting my heart, I tell you.

The weekend started off on Friday night with some alone time with Savannah because Faustino took Ethan with him to the hospital to turn in paperwork... and that evening, after dinner, Faustino gave me a break from Ethan's bedtime duty... It was nice.

The next morning... we woke up and Faustino got his bike ready to go riding... and Ethan thought it was very exciting - wanted to help - and loved the helmet.  {in pj's with top inside out... see above paragraph}  Was DEVASTATED when he didn't get to go.


But Nana and Papa {my parents} were coming that afternoon, so he perked up.  They brought my grandmother, Mom-mom to meet Savannah.  We had a nice visit and then braved the crowd at Joe T's...I enjoyed a margarita {my first in nearly a year}  and I did indeed nurse Savannah {under a nursing cover - not hippie style} while drinking my margarita... I know, mom of the year, right??  {please people, no rude comments on how terrible a person I am}

Some photos from the visit.  I really thought I took one of my mother holding Savannah... but I guess not.  Really need one of those for her photo album...


On another note entirely, this is Colonial weekend... and I am strangely sad not to be involved, justas I have been every year since my stint there.  but it is only the tournament i miss --i assure you!!

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