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do you cook dinner for your family?  I haven't had to for the last month.  between the miracle of a care calendar, where yummy food shows up on your table 3x a week, and a mother-in-law that knows how to make good stuff to eat... and a sister-in-law that has had us out to her house on two separate occasions for dinner... well, you get the picture.  we haven't been hurting for food.

but tuesday night, i cooked.  however, i cooked simple food.  I chopped and prepped the minimal ingredients during a rare everybody-is-sleeping moment... and then prepared it a little later...  i don't know where the recipe came from... and i know that i changed it up as well-- i don't remember what it was really supposed to be.  but it is easy, and good.  and the leftovers {if you have any} are wonderfully tasty...  So without further ado, my recipe for Simple Sausage, Peppers and Potatoes.

Step 1 -- very roughly chop:  3 bell peppers, 3 small-medium yellow onions, and 6 or so red potatoes

Step 2 -- brown 1lb-1.5lbs italian sausage and drain {my sausage is homemade but any italian sausage out of casings would work... and my sausage is super low fat... so lucky me doesn't need to drain it!  in fact, i actually add a little olive oil...}

Step 3 -- add onion and peppers, cook covered over medium until vegetables begin to soften

Optional additional step -- give screaming babeikin a paci over and over again to attempt to calm her down... try to do this before toddler does the same thing in a more rough fashion...

Step 4 -- add potatoes, cover and cook until tender... this is what it should look like when it is done... it makes its own gravy...

Step 5 -- add cheese to taste and serve.  the best is parmigiano reggiano... but Braum's only had the italian mix... so, that is what i went with...

Super easy.  I wish I could say that our peppers were from the garden.  They weren't -- ours are still growing.  I bought these at Braum's.  Faustino did come in and add a small lilac pepper from the garden.  it is a very pretty dark purple.  too bad I didn't photograph it raw... it looks green when you cook it.  {I am sure that is a bummer to TCU fans thinking they could sport their school spirit with their cooked purple bell peppers.  sorry, folks.}

I also cooked these lovelies... they were quite tasty.

I am sure that you could add things to the recipe to make it more complex... but there is something so nice about food that is easy...  let me know what you think about it if you decide to cook it...

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