the state of things...

i am still adjusting to my new normal.

this is where i should insert a picture of savannah crying.  but i won't because she doesn't really look all that cute when she cries.  you can't see the big blue eyes, her face gets red... and she makes scary faces.  Ethan even has told me - "baby sister cranky, mama."  yes, i know.  hmm... i must be telling him that he is cranky...interesting when you hear little mouths repeating what you say...

anyway, I prefer to think of her like this:  after a feeding... happy and sleepy

I really prefer to think of her like this when she is pooping on me.  Unbelievable.  I'll spare you the details, but I assure you, it is unbelievable indeed.   And the laundry!  Sheesh! 

we had a great weekend.  really, really, great.  I think that I might be a little biased on how great the weekend was because I got 5 consecutive hours of sleep since april 27th.  and that, my friends, was life changing.  And the 5 hours were not because my hungry baby decided to take a long snooze.  It was because my husband fed her 2 pumped bottles.


I had gone 2 and a half weeks on very spotty sleep.  I was very low functioning.  I was highly caffeinated.  You will see no photos of me.  Instead I'll take photos of this little guy:



notice the booboo on the cheek?  by the end of the weekend it morphed into his first black eye... a preschool injury.  Thank god it wasn't on my watch!!  He didn't seem to be too affected... and little boy booboos are sort of cute...

Also this weekend, Faustino worked in the garden.  It is amazing that it has grown so much.  We are going to have a ton of produce if things keep heading in the same direction.  There are 17 tomato plants.  Sue... please teach me the domestic art of canning...



a tiny green bean growing up the trellis

our watermelon plant grew almost 6 inches overnight.  no kidding. 

anyone need lettuce??

i could just eat this little guy up... my sweet baby boy

Also, this weekend my sister moved to Fort Worth... we had a brief visit with my parents... they had their hands full with the move... Rachel, will you send me those pics please?  thx....

Oh, and for record keeping sake... Ethan learned how to ride his tricycle while I was in the hospital having Savannah... {have I mentioned that?? losing my mind and too lazy/tired/apathetic to check prior posts} and his new thing is to walk up to Savannah and offer his hand, saying "pleased to meet you"  He has a funny cadence when he says it and I crack up laughing every time...  And for the record, he has been a really great helper.  We have only had one random act of violence... a bop on baby's head after a sweet kiss... and some curious near misses {fingers trying to go in nostrils, etc.} but all in all very sweet.  {take note - this means that unless Ethan is down for a nap or asleep, I cannot leave her unattended... i.e. she can't sit in the bouncy seat in the living room with Ethan while I clean the kitchen... and if she is in the kitchen with me, I have to be able to get to her quickly if Ethan walks in}

Bye for now... I think someone needs a diaper change... oh - and p.s.  no more newborn sized diapers.  She was 9 lbs, 4 oz at her pedi appointment on Friday... meaning she's gained around 2 oz per day.  This little lady knows how to eat...


  1. Holy Moly...your garden looks great...I am afraid our is not getting enough sun. I will not be able to convince Carl that we will need to move it to another location so I am thinking we are going to have a low producing crop this year. Hum?

  2. And little miss S looks just like Eathan in the first photo...love when siblings look so similar!

  3. Brittany - it sadly is not a cover. it is the pillow itself, which i love... bigger than a boppy... and which i hate because to wash the dang thing i have to take my seam ripper to it, unstuff it, and then hand sew it back together. bummer, huh? my mom got it for me when i was preggers with ethan at lollipops and lace. i just bought a boppy for outside and am going to make some covers...i can't take this pillow outside where it will get dirty and have to do the routine to get it clean... but with a toddler, we have been going outside quite a bit and I nurse while he plays...

  4. Ethan has THE MOST beautiful eyes!!! And Savannah...too sweet for words!!!


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