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So today, I really was all alone.  No visitors, no food drop off, no sweet mother in law on her day off {like yesterday, praise the lord}, or husband because he is on call...

... and I went to Target.  By myself.  Successfully. 

Okay, so new mom's of just one baby... I know that you might think it is daunting to just get out of the house with your new bambino.  I get it... but let me tell you that adding a toddler in the mix really does change the dynamic of your errands.  I just keep telling myself to enjoy the simplicity of two kids, because three would be even more chaotic interesting at Target.  Let's just say that Ethan wanted to push the stroller and was adamant that I not help at all.  Ethan doesn't know how to steer very well.  It was a long trip.  At least she slept and he had fun.

And since Daddy was on call tonight, we had frozen pizza... a special treat for Ethan.  Here he is showing off his train that my mother's cousins sent him.  He colored it on his own... I told him that it was awesome... and now that is his new favorite word.  Here he is being goofy at dinnertime.


I tried to take photos of my sleeping beauty, but she wasn't feeling so photogenic... granted, the photographer was distracted by this little monkey and wasn't really trying to get a good shot... but look at those lashes!



Silly little monkey kept wanting to look at the picture... i wouldn't have even taken one yet and he was dying to "see it"

And a bit of last week... 

Early in the week, while I was praying to go into labor on my own, I was nesting and crossing things off my list.  I finished my little project for Jenn's sweet baby, Carson.  I have been meaning to gush on and on about how much I love hand embroidery, but I'll save it for another post.   Here are the photos of the finished product... makes me want another little boy!


And last week, I took a rare picture.  Faustino went into Ethan's room and saw this:


My little baby.  I think I had a complete my-baby-is-growing-up meltdown right then and there. 

Gotta go nurse the baby... let's hope that she sleeps a little bit better tonight...  


  1. Wonderful pictures! Beautiful kids! I'll have to share with you the lyrics to my version of "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys". My version is called, "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Doctors!" ;0)

    I hope you continue to do well in the coming days, weeks and months. I remember feeling like I finally "had it down" when Cora Leigh was 3 months old. :) What a blessing to have such a wonderful Mother-in-law.

  2. ok. he is just adorable - and i LOVE your new BLONDIE little GIRL! can you still believe?!?! let me know when you are up for someone to "drop by" - I can always bring a feastivities meal...since I don't force anyone other than my husband to eat my food...or I can bring Sbux - seriously - I am dying to hear about life with two! She is just beautiful - congrats again!

  3. oh joley! i love it! truly, don't let them grow up to be doctors! haha! :) Thank you for your well wishes!

    and elizabeth - come on by! I am up for real conversation any day! seriously... let's set something concrete up for next week. what day is good for you?

  4. we LOVE our new onesie! I have a thank you note for you...already written, but am currently out of stamps! ha! your new little one is beautiful, and I promise we will talk soon. I am wishing I could go back in time and do it all over again with just baby Emma. It would have been so easy, right? hang in there. I promise it gets easier. Now, if I could just get all of my baby weight off :)


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