proof that we are still here...

The last few weeks have been a mixture of sickies (had by everyone in the house, in varying degrees and of varying sorts.  i think we are all better now...), periods of productiveness (new shelf liners in the kitchen!  making homemade sausage!) and periods of sleepiness (does anyone else accidentally fall asleep in the bathtub?  dangerous much!!!??!!)  and potty training.

a few thoughts on potty training.  it basically is no fun to think of someone else's potty schedule all day long.  but i could handle that... i really could.  then, we have had a behavior regression kind of week, and the fun of the potty has worn off for the little man.  so today, i decided, i will let this go for awhile.  he is obviously not ready, although he acted ready last week.  and ultimately, he is in control of when he goes...so it might not actually be a battle i could even win.  goodbye for now, elmo undies.

So here are a few photos of our recent adventures...


visiting friends...and might I add that I was so thankful for a small home after the visit.  and not having any staircases.  or a viking range with knobs that are easy access for little hands...  let's just get all that down on the books because I will undoubtedly pine away for a larger home and a nicer oven, and someone will need to remind me that now is the wrong season...


playing outside again.  by the way, do you like our beautiful vista?  the gorgeous wooded area behind our house?  so peaceful and quiet... i like to have my morning coffee on the back porch and enjoy watching the vast array of birds.  just kidding.  i like shooing the stray cats out of the yard and into the ally.  sigh.  I really like it when I find the nasty things in the garden.  sleeping.  disgusting.  care to house swap?? :)  --- side note, i love my indoor cats.  just not the strays outside. ---


little man... having a bit of a needy moment.  maybe he just put two and two together... "mommy isn't just getting fat, I am getting a little sister...."


enjoying the weather at the botanic gardens.  It really was a pretty day...


looking for snakes.  let me clarify.  I do not do snakes.  daddy does.  but he does not make this distinction, and every time we are outside, he wants me to help him find those little black snakes that hide under rocks.  sorry kiddo, not my department.

might I add that this was taken about 2 minutes before Ethan asked to be CARRIED back to the car.  (behavior regression, perhaps??)  And I did it.  I might not be at the gym with a trainer with this baby, like I was with Ethan.  But I am certainly doing some sort of workout, right?? 

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