bullet point list from last week:

:  my camera battery sat on the charger all week... and I took no photos. 

:  I cooked, I cleaned, I grocery shopped...I did laundry.  This week was deep cleaning the kitchen.  Are you jealous??

:  I went to a meeting where I learned about all the cool places to eat... that I doubt we will ever go to.  Because - 1)  I stay at home and my husband is a resident (i.e., not exactly in the budget); and 2) I doubt that those places are too, er, highchair friendly; and 3) how do you go out for dinner with an infant and a toddler.  Seriously?  

:  I did our taxes.  boo. hiss.

:  It rained... I decided to skip mopping...

:  I am still behind on tivo'd episodes of my soap opera. grr...

:  my mother-in-law's house was broken into... I now am planning on increasing our insurance.  people, you should be aware that most policies "cap" certain categories... I have been educated.

:  Ethan was an adorable little stinker. 

:  I finished 2 more diapers and am now over half way done. 

:  by the way, these are the diapers - no elastic, shot elastic, and new elastic.  What a difference, huh??

:  I went to a birthday party for a friend.

:  I also had a grown-up date night.

:  I did my rodeo shift for junior league...  pregnant.  {luckily, I got to sell in a box!}

:  I finished another baby gift - 2 bibs and 2 burp rags.  cute, cute.


:  We had a very lazy Saturday.

Sorry so boring!  Better luck this week, right??

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