new rug and other randomness

Last week my sweet husband bought me a new rug:

In this particular photo... it needs to be vacuumed :)


But doesn't it dress things up a bit more than this one did? {please excuse the adorable toddler having a major meltdown}


Sooo... the rug has inspired more vacuuming.  more cleaning over all really.  Isn't it funny that when you get something you really like it can kick you into gear to get things done??  Like, finishing polishing my silver.  And hanging cork board on the inside of my cabinets to streamline the junkiness of the fridge door... And I am curious - what do your fridge doors look like??  I feel like there must be a middle ground between stark nothing and total junk hodge podge {what we used to have}  You want to leave me a comment and let me know??

I am also attempting to sew new elastic in Ethan's FuzziBunz.  He has been in the same diaper size since he was 4 months old.  That is 20 months.  The elastic is not so, um, well... elastic.  And I am a newby seamstress.  And the step by step photo instructions on random blogs really aren't doing it for me.  I need HAND HOLDING.

I am telling myself that if I finish this project, I can then start my bag that I have the pattern + fabric for... I just can't start it with a good conscience until this project is done.  Because, right now we are using disposables and I feel incredibly guilty with each diaper change.  {If you are using disposables, I am in no way passing judgment on you... this is purely my hang up... I ALWAYS use disposables when going out because, really, isn't changing a diaper in a public place gross enough not to have to lug some nasty diaper home too??}

One more thing... I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, so, could everyone just cross your fingers that I pass the glucose test tomorrow??  I am 25 weeks...  And while you are crossing your fingers for me to pass my glucose test, could you also add that I not get scolded too harshly for my weight gain?  The Pioneer Woman cookbook is doing me no favors in the weight gain department.  Have you gotten yourself a copy of this wonderful book?  You should.  And then you should exercise.  Because it isn't low fat... 

Goodnight!  I think I will snuggle up with my seam ripper and work on a diaper repair for a little while...


  1. Love the rug!

    I will try to help with the elastic when I see you tomorrow at school.

    The PW cookbook is WONDERFUL. I got it for Christmas and just LOVE it!

    Our fridge has a basically bare front and then I junk up one side of it. This way it is not the first thing you see.

  2. Love the rug! My mom has the exact same one in her living room.

    I am against fridge clutter. It makes me nervous. ;-) I have a few magnets that have the kids pictures in as well as a few zoo magnets that the kids play with.

    I only visit the pioneer woman website when I am in the mood to REALLY cook, but would LOVE to have the cookbook. She is awesome. There was an article in Southern Living recently that featured her braised brisket along with four other meals that could be cooked using the left over brisket meat...YUMMMMMMM!!! It was so good.

  3. Glad y'all like the rug... It does mean that I vacuum much, much more {black rug + cat = eeww}

    The rug came from Tuesday Morning... Joley, where did your mom get it from?? I am always curious about where Tuesday Morning finds their goodies...

    And on the fridge now - alphabet magnets, snapshots... and that's it. I want to make some cute magnets or frames or something... I want things to look a little more intentional...

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