So, after breakfast this morning I checked my email really quickly, and then made my to-do list... first on that list was laundry.  So I said to Mr. JuiceHead, "Ethan, do you want Mommy to turn on the t.v. while I start a load of laundry?" and then, I flipped on the tube, and Ethan was playing around with his favorite truck.  Still in pj's... 

So I gathered laundry and then started the load.  I was out of the room maybe 5 minutes - tops.  And then I turned the corner to see that my son had indeed decided that watching t.v. was just fine.  Except he wanted a better view.  A view from the coffee table.  So I had to grab my camera.  Snap a few photos, and then tell him to get down.


See, the thing is, he KNOWS that he is supposed to stay firmly planted on the floor, and that it is inappropriate to get on the coffee table.  We have even had a few instances lately where he halfway climbs up, and then screams at the top of his lungs {which, I promise, I never do!!} GET DOWN!!! Except it is more like one word, and "get" is definitely pronounced "git"


So in this photo... he was telling me that he knew, he needed to get down.


And then, I made him get down.  Which prompted a meltdown.  It took him about a minute and a half to make a full recovery.  Silly boy.



  1. Oh girl! These are priceless!!! The first picture is sooo Ethan. The second picture looks like you (those beautiful blue eyes). And don't tell Tino, but I see a resemblance to him in the last picture. :)

  2. you are crackin' me up! The Tino resemblance is a funny one!


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