see my flowers, from the FALL?  they are still pretty.  it's been that mild.  and i switched my closet yesterday, cold weather clothes to warm weather clothes.  i paid the price with children who were misbehaving because i was too busy with my project to give them undivided attention.

i hate chores like that.  i have a big pile that needs to go to goodwill.  trust me, it's goodwill.  i wouldn't even dream of donating it to the junior league double exposure, because it was shameful that i was still wearing some of that stuff.  residency clothing budget.  i kid you not, i would get rid of everything in my closet in a heart beat if you told me i could get all new clothes.  i digress.

it needed to be done.  my closet was out of control.  partially because of survival mode.

survival mode.  you've been there, right?

well.  that is where i have been.  not in a bad way... it's just... all my energy i had while i was sick, i spent.  on relishing my babies.  on making sure dinner was being cooked.  on doing laundry.  on bare minimum cleaning tasks.

and now that i feel better, i am trying to survive the aftermath of a month+ of varying levels of "survival mode."   and the time change is kicking my tail.  and i am trying to give up the coke zero.  and have failed like, a dozen times.  i think i am addicted to artificial sweetener.  or maybe not, but it is still garbage for my body... and surely the last month has taught me i need to really take care of myself.

and of course my blog has been a causality in all this survival mode.  i promise, i am back.  for real.

and it isn't like i have just been laying on the couch {although, be sure that i have done my fair share of that} we have been doing all kinds of fun stuff...

we took the kids to dinosaur valley state park last sunday.  of course, i didn't take a single photo.  but i will tell you that savannah is fearless and independent and everything an almost two year old is.  and she will tell you all about it.  most sentences are 4 words... but i have heard some that are 7-8.

and we have worked in the garden.  savannah has shown me that she is definitely her father's daugther because i don't think i have ever drawn on my self with chalk and sat in muddy shoes.  so gross.


and ethan has been really into writing {yay!!!} and has had a major growth spurt in runaway imagination.  the things he says... oh they are so funny.  like, hilarious.   

and the interactions between the two rascals.  oh.  so precious.  he cares about her so much.  and she is crazy about him.  



but back to the blog.  when i sit down to write... my mind starts racing.  like just now.  i thought.  crap!  i have to fill out the registration form for ethan to go to museum school.

and now i really need to drop it off.  and you have to pay to park.  unless you park across the street in the neighborhood... but who wants to cross a four lane street with two children?  exactly.

and then i got a phone call from my husband saying he has to take call over easter.  total bummer.  like, really, i am sad.

and then savannah bit the tip of the sky blue crayola pencil.  and is sputtering blue spit.

and i am about 2 hours behind and don't know how i will make it up.

you see why the blog is suffering??  and my baseboards?  and how organizing my spice cabinet keeps getting pushed back?



  1. You crack me up. I'm totally behind- by like 10 days. My list goes on and on and on...
    I told my husband {I was really flustered about not being able to keep up on laundry for 4 people, let alone other stuff like showering :)} that when he's done with all this residency stuff we're getting a cleaning person. Like the DAY he finishes fellowship. I never thought I'd be that person- but I guess I am.

  2. I love you steph! You say everything I am thinking and just don't say! Hope you are feeling better..there should be rule, mommas can't get sick..I've been in the same boat though...that's why I haven't commented much. love to you!!

  3. Silly lady, you are too funny! I love your ramblings! Gosh, Ethan looks SO big!!! I love that he is writing! And that last picture of sister with her tongue sticking out is ADORABLE!!!

    What is Double Exposure and would they have baby stuff or furniture? We are trying to VERY cheaply get ready and with paying extravagant amount for the baby, new isn't in the question. Let me know more details!

    Also, we are having a garage sale next weekend as a little adoption fundraiser, so if you find anything too shameful to donate to your JL, there's no judgement or service hour requirements here! :) We do pick ups too!


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