authenticity and my recommendation on how to clean your face

sometimes this space on the internet has been a reminder that i don't want to make myself vulnerable.  i desperately don't want to piss people off.  i want to make people feel loved, feel comfortable, feel kindness.

family beach hike...

but that doesn't happen when truth isn't spoken.

and i feel like the only truth i feel comfortable in speaking are my own personal truths... the ones that say, i am lonely.  or i am sad.  or i am so excited i might burst.

but what about other things?  what about me saying i want you to watch a documentary on a controversial issue because it impacted me?  what if i inadvertently imply that i don't agree with you?

you know what?  i have decided that is okay.  really, really, okay.

i think its okay that i am not everyone's flavor of ice cream.  i hate controversy, but simply can't help it anymore.  i have opinions.  i want to share my heart.

i know my opinions aren't blanket statements.  i know there are circumstances beyond control.  i know there are exceptions.  please be graceful with me.

making spring bunnies at our neighbor's house with her nieces

if i say you've just got to use a clarisonic to wash your face because it really will change your life, please, realize, i know that someone teetering on the edge of poverty isn't going to and shouldn't clarisonic their face.  and someone shouldn't go into debt to clarisonic her face.  but if you have have the means to, by golly.  why are you using a rag?  its my personal opinion.  i am allowed to have one.

i can't help it.

i really get it.   you don't HAVE to use one.  we can still be friends. 

but really.  i need an outlet.  this is it.   

so... just warning you.  i won't censor myself.  this might spill over into breastfeeding.  or homeschooling.  or submitting to your husband and taking care of your family.

i can't promise that i can keep my posts clear of my thoughts.  and ultimately, i think that's why i have dwindled down.

ethan's coveted lego gift from santa

a handmade christmas tree while our ornaments were in storage

i also have a lot of pictures of our socal life to post. i mean, i didn't even post christmas or birthdays.  random photos galore. ;)

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