vacation recuperation


we were at the beach last week... ahhh... bliss.  and now i am paying the price of vacation recuperation.  i wanted to tell you all that i was leaving... but i really don't know who you all are... and it sort of weirds me out to tell the world wide web that we won't be home.  c'mon.  break in...  steal our gigantic non-digital t.v. and snazzy converter box.    {actually, that would not be cool... i don't want to spend $ on replacing a t.v.... but i digress.}

the beach was sweet.  but reality is now upon me.

and after eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner {well, not really.  but almost} the kids are readjusting to real life.  you could say they aren't sleeping like champs either.  but maybe that would be sugar coating it.  perhaps i should just say that after four attempts of putting ethan back to sleep... each time waking savannah {screaming, no less.  bless her heart}, he finally came into our room and slept in our double bed.  diagonally. 

and i am in frenzy mode.  cleaning, laundering, putting clothes away... spaz style.  pretty inefficient.

grocery store without a list... sort of a fail.

no sitter for a dinner tomorrow night... another fail.  {kids in bed early... and go late? hmmm...}  i didn't even realize the dinner was tomorrow until last night.  captain organized!

i also decided it would be a good time to switch out savannah's summer clothes for winter clothes....  it sort of looks like a bomb hit my nest.  really.

and the post office delivered our mail from last week in one of those crates.  nice.

but what i really want to do is just blog about our vacation to seaside so that i don't forget any of it!  bye for now.  be back soon...

xoxo, s  


  1. I can relate to the chaos... and the not sleeping. Except I'm an adult and my only excuse is last week's exhausting event. Glad y'all had fun in Seaside!

  2. thanks bethe. very curious about your mega event... i am glad it went well. :)


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