do you know how much you can get done in 2.5 hours?  preschool is magical.  the kids learn.  i get 4x the amount of errands checked off my list.

i can't really believe the week is half over.  i feel like it just started!  we had a very full weekend... it seeped over into the week.

it started on friday night.  high school "fickall game" as ethan calls them.  my dear husband was on the field... making sure the kids were okay to play after they got hurt.  i don't know what i think about my little boy playing football when he's older.  i think i would have a heart attack if he were tackled and got a concussion.  anyway, it was a long game... the kids stayed up l a t e. 

does that mean they sleep in early?  oh no.  not at all!

i will have to take pictures at the next football game.  ethan really loves it.  sister has to stay restrained most of the time.  otherwise... yikes.  she'd be everywhere.  and it is just me in the stands with the kids... so it isn't like i can chase her and watch ethan.  and plus it would annoy the fans.  there are some serious friday night football fans.  when they start screaming at the coaches, so does mr. pickle.  embarrassing.

and while we where at the football game, many of my friends where at another football game.  thank you, baylor!  soooo happy we beat TCU.  i know we live in the purple city, but i might just wear green and gold every purple friday from here on out! :)

and on facebook... my friend's baby was sporting this smocked baylor dress.  so stinkin' cute.  she told me she justified it to her husband as a family heirloom... her daughter's daughter could wear it.  why do i not think my husband would go for this?  :)  savvy does have a baylor cheerleader's uniform bought from a friend at the beginning of the summer... i think we need some bloomers though.  i see some sewing in my future.

back to the weekend.  my dearest theta "pretend" grand-little is getting married in october and she had a bachelorette weekend in dallas.  overnight.  and guess who went?  yes.  me.  without my kids or husband.  i don't think this has ever happened.  overnight.  wow.

and i was definitely the old lady of the group.  the only one with children.  {one other girl was pregnant}

and you know what?  i decided, while uber-fun, i quite enjoy my very quiet life.  this season of life is very enjoyable.  and super chic dallas clubs... not really my cup of tea.  dinner at ocean prime was a treat... and the ghost bar view of dallas is great.

the beds at the w?  fantastic.

sleeping in... i didn't even know how.  amazing.  how do you forget how to sleep in?

the biggest bummer?  not getting a picture with jenny!  i have plenty of picture of jenny from the festivities

like this one.  cute, no?


and while i was trying to sleep in?  the boys were on their own playdate of sorts... doing boy stuff like shooting off model rockets.  i would have loved pictures of ethan's face for that!

the actual labor day holiday, we went to sue's house and grilled fish, asparagus, and corn... {have you ever soaked your corn in water and then grilled it?  yum} then used the corn to make these corn and basil pancakes.  thank you domestic goddess shelley for sharing the recipe.  mmmm.....  i continued to eat them LONG after i was full.   we also had homemade mango margaritas.  delish!

and i totally pinned the pancake recipe to pinterest.  you can click on the button on the side bar to follow my pinterest boards.  you really should.  pinterest is only the best source of inspiration for all things wonderful.  i have been pinning since march... definitely not a passing phase for me.  and i go back to my food board all the time... like a "what's for dinner" inspiration.  love.it.

anyway, i was too concerned with eating my food to take photos of it... but trust me, they were pretty and delicious.  i would definitely serve them to guests.   easy too.

here's a picture via the iphone of savvy jumping on a vintage jumping board.  grammy is always good for some vintage toys...  not going to think of how safe this one is :)


and that was pretty much it.  now just lots of cleaning and errands.  and i need to weed the garden now that it isn't 105 degrees.

and maybe plant squash?  i think i waited too long.

making baba ghanoush tonight... the eggplants are so plentiful.  i have given bags of eggplants to people.  the plants are still going strong.  do you like aubergines?  we have more than enough to share. 

and one more thing -- have any of y'all been to seaside?  could you leave me a must see/do/eat comment?  muchas gracias!

xoxo, s

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  1. sure hope you guys have fun on vacay! take lots of pics!! i think i might have you come to my house to cook! :)


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