today is tuesday... it took me an entire minute to think of that.  if that tells you how off schedule we are... :)

so... last week.



meet the teacher day... i was on time.  i had my act together.  i even got a photo.  i had to let you know that.... you know, because sometimes if you want the photo, you won't be on time ;)  

and i am so so so so so so so happy with their teachers.  i really know it will be a great year.


savannah definitely was worn out.  she didn't even make it home before zonking out... sweet sleepy girl.

and to celebrate a successful meet the teacher, i waited in line at the in n out burger and bought myself a cheeseburger.  and ethan a milkshake.

i was also celebrating not getting the god-awful stomach flu that my MIL and my husband had.  i even made him stay with his mother because i did. not. want. sick. kids.


and we didn't have sick kids over the weekend.  the weekend by the way, started with a "pop."  as in the popping of a transformer.  in the alley.  from the garbage truck hitting it with the dumpster.  at 7am.
and the {very nice -- i really like him, i swear.} redneck neighbor yelling at the garbage truck driver.

in his underwear.  saying he would tar him.  {as in - tar and feather.}  i'm telling you... we are not in the 'burbs.

and then said neighbor gets in his pickup truck and blocks the garbage man in the alley.  and the garbage man raises the arm of the truck.  they were in a stand off.  and the neighbor was yelling.

i told my husband that it would not be wise to attempt to diffuse the situation.  stay. in. the. house.

the police and firemen diffused the situation.  our power was off all day.  we ate breakfast at the cracker barrel and went to grammy's house.  because, well, it is not exactly leave-the-a/c-off-and-enjoy the-breeze-through-the-windows weather.

strange saturday, no??

well, i also drank some wine on saturday night...  maybe one glass too many. 


sunday rolled around, and what i thought was my little wine "hangover" was actually my run with the wretched stomach virus!!!

total. misery.


but worse?  ethan had it yesterday.  3 baths.  3 moppings of the floor.  true love of a mother -- being puked on.  true pain of a little sister -- being puked on.

i am sure that my husband enjoyed missing yesterday by working a 15 hour day.  though, he mananged to be here for one of the baths... there is no escaping it!


and today?  we are well.  ethan is bouncing around.  and we have had no puking.  and no fever.


and sister -- i am begging and pleading with god to let it pass her.  so far, she seems perfectly fine.  albeit yesterday she was a little sleepy.

i am hoping that my breast milk and it's amazing antibodies keep her well.  and if those antibodies keep her well, i might consider nursing her forever.  kidding.  i swear.

so far, so good... so i will be sending both my rascals to school in the morning.

sweet, glorious, school.  


  1. oh man! i hope the pukies pass right on by. girl, you need a spa day. and i love how the guys get to miss all the "fun."

  2. Girl! I feel ya! So sorry! It sucks. We still need to get our girls together!

  3. hate that you had the bug! but...girl..i loved this post!!

  4. thanks, guys... we are are all doing okay now! phew! what a way to start the week. kids both went to school this morning and we have a play date this afternoon. life is good. and normal!

    xoxo, s

  5. Oh! I hope you are all on the mend and well by now! Hang in there!

    My Little Bit relapsed last night, but seems better today. So far, the rest of us have missed it. Praying it stays that way!


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