back in the summer of 2002 i went to italy for a study abroad program.  i took italian, an italian cooking class, and a wine course.

of course i wanted to bring home some wine and asked the man who taught my wine class what would be nice... and he made a recommendation.  i didn't want to put it in my suitcase... and didn't want to carry it one because i was not quite 21...

so i paid the big bucks to have it shipped... with the word "books" stamped all over the box...  {that did irritate me, and i thought, gee, why didn't i just tell them i was shipping books and pay less??? }

anyway, a few weeks ago we went to the most delicious Nonna Tata for a farewell dinner with our dear friends that have escaped to florida for a fellowship year.  while we were at dinner, imbibing on vino, we talked about how i still had a bottle of wine from my trip... and that i needed to drink it!!

223065_233752609992129_100000721755575_745421_6340988_n copy

here we are...  sort of a ridiculous amount of wine on the table for four people... eek.

anyway, fast forward to this past weekend... faustino and i decided to open the wine... and.... it was really disgusting.  maybe it would have been gross had i drank it back in college... maybe not... but i think it was definitely past its prime.

think:  vinegar

oh well.  a complete waste.  i decided to photograph the bottle, because, well, it just seemed like such a waste to pour it down the drain and throw the bottle in the blue bin.



p.s. don't let this green patch of grass fool you... other parts of our yard look like this :)


dead grass... the garden border needs to be edged... and the poor garden is all that is making it... because it gets watered for an hour a day... sometimes twice a day.

what can i say? i was 103 last night at 9:30. INSANE.


  1. We had the same thing happen with a bottle my parents brought back from Greece. Ben and I saved it for a special occasion... and when we opened it, it was was like drinking finger nail polish remover!! YUCK! I was so disappointed because we kept it for years! I guess we'll just have to go to Greece ourselves for the real deal :)

    Oh and I LOVE Nonna Tata! Such a fun little place!

  2. Oh dear! My husband and I went to Italy a few years ago. We brought back a bottle of wine for my mom...who just told me she's been saving it for our tenth anniversary (in about five months). I HOPE it hasn't gone bad!!!!

  3. @chelsey -- i thought the exact same thing -- i MUST return to italy for more wine!

    @wanting -- i would hedge a bet that your mother stored the wine better than i stored mine {what can i say- i was young and silly} and hopefully yours will be on the other end of the spectrum from ours!!


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