my baby is definitely a toddler


15 months old.

unbelievable.  she is such a little girl now... the "baby" in her disappears more each day.  i will be sad when one day, it is all gone.  yet, the new things she does are so exciting.  like yesterday, while ethan napped we snuggled on the couch and watched cinderella.  she sat there through most of the entire movie.  she has a long attention span for sure!

the "bullets" for right now:

::  one nap a day!!

::  nurses in the morning, after nap, and after dinner {sometimes}  and doesn't nurse for very long at all! 

::  all teeth except canines and 2 year molars!!  wow!

::  loves having her teeth brushed - says "ahhhh"

::  still loves the paci... and still sleeps with 3!

::  eats and eats... likes almost everything.

::  hates having her diaper changed/face wiped/clothing changed.  i think it has something to do with being still

::  loves carrying stuffed animals/babies/blankies around.  will sit on lap and snuggle a little

::  brings me books 8,000 times a day.  loves to sit and read.  wash, rinse, repeat.

::  talks in gibberish, and says words like hi, bye-bye, night-night, mommy, dada, eyes, b-button, nose, shoes, duck, cat, baby and more that i can't even think of right now... and a handful of others that i fully understand but i won't call "words" yet.  she makes animal sounds as well.  "moo" is pretty cute.

::  fearless.  heights, water, jumping, running.  you name it.  will fall, scrape knees, and bleed but keep going.  i love it.

::  laid back - mostly - and easy to redirect.  faustino raised his voice with her a week ago and she completely got her feelings hurt.  it was the cutest thing to see him feel so bad for making her sad.  SO different from ethan {sometimes nothing gets through to him}.  you can tell her once, and she gets it.  most of the time.  or just redirect her.

::  we go to the dr. on wednesday for official stats, but she is still in an 18 month size... though she could wear 24 months if push came to shove.  some of her little dresses are getting shorter, so i know she is growing!

::  still in medium cloth diapers and size 4 disposables.  size 5 shoes. 

::  loves animals and is gentle with them. 

she just dropped the nap courtesy of the little summer school program she went to in july.  i now feel less house bound!  hallelujah!  i think she will really enjoy going to school two mornings a week in the fall because she really likes the social interaction.  you could tell it really wiped her out though... she wouldn't make it 5 minutes into the drive home before passing out.  

life is great right now and i am having a fun time watching her transform into a toddler.  she is a delightful little addition to our family, and i couldn't be more blessed to be her mommy.  i could totally get all sappy right here... start tearing up... but let's move on ;)

these pictures are from the zoo today {because i had a moment of insanity, and thought it would be okay to go for an hour.  it was an enjoyable but ridiculously hot hour.  and thankfully not very crowded.} because i knew savannah would like looking at all the animals we read about.  i think the white tiger stole the show today, by the way.  second place where the birds... she didn't quite understand the whole process of feeding them with the seed sticks.  perhaps next time.

and by the way, these aren't really very special pictures.  at least they weren't with my iphone, right??



check out the hair!!  it has grown SO MUCH.


and you see how excited she is?  she is looking at and saying BEAR


have a good weekend... we will try not to melt, here.
xoxo, s


  1. She really is such a gorgeous little girl. Love that dress too!!

  2. thank you, chelsea... you are gonna love being a mama!!

  3. I love her excited face!!! Such a cutie pie and yes she's definitely growing up fast! Chick fila soon! :)


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