another era

can you tell what this is?


its my apron.  with just picked peppers in it from the garden...  taken with my phone and therefore low quality.

sorry for the terrible pause in blogging.  the lack of structure in the summer really throws me for a loop.  but, i feel somewhat comforted when i see that many of my favorite blogs have fewer posts, too.

it's hard to DO and to BLOG.  you know?

anyway, i must share about a very funny moment from my evening:

i went out to change the soaker hose for the garden this evening {we have two that we use to water.  and yes, the garden is still alive through these wretched temps.  we are hoping we have good results when the temps drop in the fall.  if not, i think cactus is a more appropriate choice to grow next year} and gather up the cloth diapers i had sitting out to dry.

my neighbor was on his back porch and we exchanged the "isn't is hot" conversation...

i asked him if he wanted some pickles i had just made.  yes.

he asked me if i liked chow-chow and if i wanted some that he had made.  yes.

and there we were.  in the middle of the city.  me with my cloth diapers in hand, exchanging home canned items with the neighbor man.

funny, no?

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