Bye Bye Baby-Rail

look who climbed into her brother's stokke while he was napping.  no it wasn't the first time... but it was the first time i decided to feed her in his chair.  looks like the baby rail on her chair will go into storage.


oh how quickly time passes!  surely she is doing this much earlier than ethan did.  i will have to search the blog to figure out just how quickly... but gosh.  no baby rail on the tripp trapp.  sad day.


  1. Ah, she is SO cute! And the stokke is the BEST! We have one as well... its in storage for the year :( and I miss it so much! So now that Savannah is a big girl... is it time for baby #3 yet?!

  2. thank you chelsey -- not quite yet ready for number 3... i will keep you posted ;)

    and the stokke -- omg. godsend. for both ethan and savvy. are you in total withdrawal without yours? when we move for fellowship, i don't care what i have to do, they are coming with us!!!

  3. omg! what a BIG girl!! Eloise won't sit still if I put her in anything other than her highchair! She is the cutest thing ever...we really need to get together the next time I come to Dallas. Please!!??

  4. Love that picture!! And thank you so much for the PJ tip. We just love Costco so I will definitely start keeping an eye out for them and stocking up!


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