reflections on the holiday weekend

whew!  what a weekend!  faustino was "on call" all weekend... his first official home call.  it means you can make plans and maybe get to follow through :)

i had dinner with a friend to kick off friday evening and i got to catch up with her latest adventures... it gave me a glimpse into my former working life...  bittersweet.  on saturday we went to the pool with friends.  friends without kids.  they were very helpful and we played through naptime turning us into little lobsters.  well.  not savannah.  partially because she was under the sun shade on her floatie and partially because i think she's gonna be a "tanner."  for real.  me with tan offspring.  hilarious! 

i think it took all day for me to recover on sunday.  i did manage to go to the grocery store... only to get through the checkout lane and remember that my debit card was in my shorts pocket from the day before.  nice. 

an additional trip in 100+ degree weather.  oh my lordy, we live in an oven these days.

and then we celebrated the fourth with a family cookout at sue's.  i overate.  is this surprising to anyone?  {we are talking about the girl who was so excited about going swimming on saturday because the boat club has the best cheeseburgers.  and i promptly ate one.  in my bikini.  no shame here.}  and i was to bring the potato salad.  did i make this from scratch... no.  it was so good already made from central market. 

i had some for breakfast this morning too.  and lunch.  and a midmorning snack.  geez... this is like a food confessional blog post.

anyway, on the fourth i wanted to get some photos of my rascals in their red, white, and blue. 

we don't have many windows in this little nest, but the best natural light is from the back of the house.  and bed is typically the best photo place.  mmm.... not so much now.  ethan was acting like a dinosaur.  fearless savannah was about to jump off the bed.  i could hardly look through the camera -- forget adjusting any settings.

but then again, this is pretty representative of our everyday...  i think i really need to set up an appointment with sabrina if i am going to get any decent photos of my kids these days.







so, happy july 5th everyone.  looking back on last year i would say that so far, today is way better.  i mean, 4 wheels and i have running hot water in the kitchen. 


xoxo, stephanie


  1. So fun!! And home call can be nice. We have had home call [on ortho] since PGY1.

  2. Cute outfits! Glad y'all had a good weekend and got time in with friends...and Cheeseburgers! :)

  3. Such cute kids! I'm glad y'all had a fun weekend.


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