Hive-y Sister

on thursday i noticed that sister was a little on the hive-y side.  i called the pedi... they said to "watch it."

grr... like any mother with a sick kid - i want the instant fix!  not gonna happen....

so friday morning -- she looked like this!


does this even look like my daughter???  at all??  remotely??  here is a normal photo: 

IMG_7614 edit bw

bless her poor little swollen heart.  the pedi suspects a food allergy.  eggs?  corn?  peanut butter??

on saturday morning... she was all better... still off schedule and a bit out of sorts, but the hives were gone.  i let her take a long morning nap and by the evening i really felt like she was back to herself.

fast forward to bed time on sunday evening... i started noticing a few hives cropping up. 

GO AWAY HIVES.  WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE.  and this mama does not want to be dealing with food allergies.  thx.

xoxo, s


  1. sweet little savannah...i sure hope those hives stay away. :( what a beautiful baby girl...with or without hives. :)

  2. sweet girl. same thing happen (twice)ed to ashley long time ago and we never really figured it out. i still have her pacifier by the way!! got to get that back to you! :)

  3. Ugg! We deal with hives on a daily basis. Did you figure it out? Ours are ALWAYS food related.

  4. I about cried when I saw her sweet little hive-y face!! :(


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