fruits of the garden. well, veggies really...


even though my husband is on trauma, in the evenings he has spent time doing this kind of thing.  ethan is a total fan.  sometimes we don't make a very early bedtime for him so that he can spend this precious time with daddy.  mowing.  or playing with popcorn the calico kitten next door {new baby strays -- anyone in need of a fury little kitten??}

and so far the garden is doing okay.  could be better.  could be worse.  learn as we go.  these cucumbers gave us enough for 3 jars of pickles.  if i owe you pickles i will have to catch you on the next batch.  they are so perfect to snack on...


i have 1 quart jar and 1 pint jar left.  looks like i need to restock the canning supplies.  where exactly do they migrate to?  i didn't think i gave that much away!  and wouldn't these have been much better in a wide mouth jar?  yes indeed.  and if i were really fancy, and made of money, i think i would enjoy the weck jars... ahhh... a girl can dream.


i mean, seriously, how much cooler would my pickles look in this jar??

yeah, that's what i thought :)

anyway, by the end of the week, we had a few more. and our first zucchini.  we have a couple other zucchini on the way... thanks to the artificial insemitation of garden flowers i have been doing.   sheesh.  nothing like sex ed for the garden.  male flowers, female flowers, inserting male flower into female flower.  THIS IS WHAT THE BEES ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.  I AM NOT A BEE. 


and this guy was wonderful... i sauteed him in bacon grease.... i wish we had more.


but seriously people, it is so so hot here.  already.  melting.  so who knows how long things will keep going.  i hope everything makes it through the summer and then does gangbusters in the fall.  i'm not throwing in the towel, i am just hoping for higher yields of fruit at some point...

i should be careful what i wish for though, because picking everything and putting it up could be a beast.

xoxo, stephanie

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