i have two words for june:  Four Molars.

as in, savannah is getting four molars.  at the same time.  and i didn't discover this until tuesday night.  apparently, its been going on all month.  i just didn't realize it because she only had 2 teeth on the bottom and four on the top.  i figured she would get more of the front teeth before she got the molars!

but, now june makes a bit more sense.

so i figured i could just post a few things that have made me smile this june...

like this little rascal stealing craft supplies... while wearing my very favorite pjs.  {hanna andersson organic cotton.  love.}


of the 4 varieties of sunflowers, these were my favorite.


if you are dying to know the variety, ask me and i will go dig the seed packet up and tell you.  they were lovely.

and this big one made me smile, too.  it must have been 8 ft. tall.  living up to it's "mammoth" name.


another random make-me-smile-thing from june -- miss savvy can now grub on pizza without me cutting it into little pieces.  LOVE IT.  and you know, the one nickname that i failed to mention in her one year post?  the grub.  she wants your food...


i have made pickles twice... and will be making more tonight.  our cucumbers have given us around 10 lbs thus far!  you can count on the cucumbers!


and you can count on eggplants


i got inspired by this photo on pinterest and tried to make some eggplant fries.  i will say, mine turned out well, but we didn't drizzle in honey.  and i didn't artfully display them either :)

image via pinterest and userealbutter.com  {does anyone know how to properly cite from pinterest??}

and one last random june moment before i have to leave to pickup ethan from vbs... making me happy from june -- family celebrations.


well, family minus my husband who was on call.  it was really very lovely to get everyone together to honor my grandmother.

and then to be home in longview to celebrate father's day with my dad.  and then when we came back to fort worth -- faustino had made salsa with tomatoes from the garden, and oh. my. golly.  i think i have put on five pounds this week just from enjoying salsa on things i shouldn't have... like homemade tacos.  and central market tortillas.  and corn & zucchini quesadillas.  and chips.  for breakfast.  i do not lie.

xoxo, stephanie


  1. Laughing at the thought of you eating chips and salsa for breakfast. While we're confessing, I'll let you know that I ate one of my husband's homemade peanut butter & reese's cookies at 4:00 a.m. last weekend before he ran his triathlon. I needed some energy food, and it looked so darn good.

  2. The veggies look great! We planted egg plant this year. You will have to let me know how you made the fries. I hope to make some Egg Plant Parmesian! What kind of pickles you making? You have a good salsa recipe? I am hoping to have enough tomatoes to make some salsa and can it.


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