tackling the picky eater... my solution!!

i have a little video clip of the "sandwich incident" described below... um, yeah.  i opted to not show it.  i mean, if you have kids, you see them throw fits.  why would you want to see mine throw one?  and if you don't have kids {gosh i was a great mom before i had kids} then you really won't want to see mine having a fit...  anywho.

ethan and i have gone 'round and 'round on the issue of eating growing foods.  it is not fun.  but i have found my solution. 

dinner for breakfast.

let me give you some background information.  ethan is a hold out.  he will hold out for breakfast always.  always.

he will hold out for lunch the next day.  or the next.  he will just opt to not eat.

and i am sure that some people would say, well, he won't starve himself, he'll eat when he's hungry.

yah.... not my kid.  he gets grouchy, hungry, a real bear.  but won't eat.

i didn't really expand on the great war of the sloppy joe in this post... i just sort of referenced it.  it was a bad day.  you see, at the end of last month i made sloppy joes.  not manwhich out of a can, but really yummy venison sloppy joes.  in the slow cooker.  mmmm... i will have to measure next time so that i can relay the recipe on...  perfect comfort food.  but that's beside the point.

he didn't want it.  so i served it for breakfast the next day.

and he didn't want it again.

bingo - lunch!

well folks, he intentionally took a bite and then barfed.  for real.

so what did i do?  i wiped his face, lap and hands and we KEPT EATING.

i won.

and now, he knows i mean business.  he's been an ah-mazing eater ever since.  {well, not totally amazing, but tries lots of things, no fits, and eats what we eat}

except last night he didn't want his lentil soup. so guess what he had for breakfast this morning?

i think i am really on to something!

and you know what kind of treats i offer now?  bubble baths.  {opposed to showers, which he usually gets}  it is genius, and i am not rewarding with food. 


and while we are talking about food, can i just say that savannah has gone from crazy hollow leg girl to little lady that just picks at her food.  i know its a normal thing to do, but geez.  hard for me to wrap my mind around the change!!  this is the critical time period for not turning her into a fussy eater by just giving her easy food she will eat.

i'm reminding myself that these are all short-lived phases... short-lived phases....

xoxo, s


  1. So...you sound like me, EVERY SINGLE DAY at the clinic when I tell moms to give their kids the vegetables first before they can have the rest of the food on their plate, and then keep them there on the plate until they eat them, even for breakfast! So glad that actually works! (ie-I give advice to moms all day long, yet have no kid to practice on myself!) I love your "I was such a good mom before I had kids" statement... here's to hoping Ethan remains a good eater! And yes, you do mean business, way to go!

  2. That's our plan with Ava (& future kids). GOOD JOB! I'm not sure how you reacted to the intentional barfing, but I would have been livid. ;)


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