i know.  totally cheesy.  i couldn't resist.

i really am happy that the pickles i was planning on making last night were not dill pickles.  they were spicy pickles.  because these very hungry caterpillars managed to wipe out my dill in an afternoon.



a good mother would have put them in a cage of sorts and let them turn into butterflies.

i am not a good mother. 

i also live in a small house and don't relish caterpillars sharing real estate with my bedroom/kitchen/bathroom/living room.  what is left?  the garage?? too hot.  case in point.  i mean, seriously.  the 2 cats we do have are pushing it on shared space.

this is why i would eternally suck at homeschooling. 

but to prove that i am not all educational doom and gloom, this is ethan's sunflower he planted at school... it grew quite a bit. 


so i don't totally stink.  i didn't let the flower die.  i just halfway stink... faustino "took care of" the 20 or so little friends...

don't mess with my dill!


  1. Those pics are too cool! Sorry abbout your pickle!

  2. ethan's expression could NOT be cuter! loved hearing what the DILLio is with you today!!! HA

  3. You could start a caterpillar farm!;)
    Can't let Ashley see Ethan's sunflower...hers didn't make it. :(
    This mommy has a black thumb with plant life. :(


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