Sleepy Stephanie Recaps the Week {with iphone photos}

last week was packed.  jam packed.  did i take pictures?  errr.... do the very few i snapped on my phone count??

probably not.

but lets recap.

we started the week off with church...  here's savvy in here birthday dress from nana.


then ethan's last day of school was monday.  he didn't really "get" it until today.  he has told me probably 20 times today that he misses school.  william.  madeline.  and miss nicole.

me too, buddy.

anyway, we went in and said bye-bye to savvy's teachers, and she climbed up in this doll bed.  apparently it was sister's "spot"


tuesday was my final day of volunteering at the rainbow room for the 2010 - 2011 year.  i am so close to finishing my hours.  let's cross our fingers.  and seriously, i could not have done it without my mother coming to watch my kids for hours on end.  it was really nice of her.  {because i would have had to have robbed the bank next door to pay a sitter for all those hours}

and just for the record, i cooked all last week.  using mostly stuff i already had.  this is a photo i sent to faustino telling him to come home soon for dinner


we also had playdates... ethan was well behaved on both.  and at the zoo had a rare opportunity to ride in the stroller.  h e a v e n  for reals.  i wasn't running after him, and he thought he was really cool riding in someone else's stroller being pushed by a different mother.  whatever works.

how i don't have a picture of that is pathetic.

and oprah ended.  i was so sad.  i cried.  the ugly cry.  of all the people out there, she has taught me more about open-mindedness, kindness, peace, and love.  and she opened my eyes to all sorts of things i would have never known about otherwise.  it sounds cheesy, but oprah made a difference to me.


ethan was very concerned with my crying {he woke up towards the end of the show} and i took this {very dark, poor quality} photo to commemorate me watching with my kiddos

and last week was one of ethan's best behaved weeks.  until friday.  well, it started on thursday night.  he didn't want dinner.  and this time, i decided that sending him to bed without eating, only to have him wake up and eat cereal or oatmeal was not an option.  he needed to eat what he refused for dinner.  otherwise, he just holds out for something better.

well, he didn't want it for breakfast.  or lunch.  and by this time he was mega cranky and hungry.  not good.

so he intentionally puked after taking a bite.  lovely.  i stuck to my guns.  he ate most of his "dinner"

i was exhausted by it.  and possibly drank champagne and cried a little during naptime...

but by friday afternoon we were in the car, driving to southlake for a little dinner party hosted by very dear friends... with the little ones in tow.

they went to bed early... but y'all.  it was a big house.  a house that children don't normally live in...  i felt like i had an intense ab workout by the end of the next morning.  pick savvy up, redirect.  repeat.

ethan was very well behaved.  and has talked about dr. ken every day thereafter.

and the conversation, and the beverages and of course, the food was great... there were these little empanadas that i will have to make... mmmm....

did i take a single picture?  no.

side note:  after our playdate earlier in the week and then our overnight trip ethan now calls our house little.  and tiny.  yes, yes, son.  i know.

there is more... but i am going to bed.  part 2 tomorrow.  or heck, maybe thursday.  



  1. That birthday dress is beautiful! I love it!

  2. thank you... i wish i could put it on her everyday. smocking kills me. l o v e

  3. Funniest comment EVER!!!! Oh gee- I can't wait for those things :)

    Love your new pictures by the way. The dress is goregous!!

  4. LMAO!

    So glad to know Ev isn't the only uncivilized little heathen that gags himself on food he doesn't want to eat! Good for you sticking to your guns.



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