The Zoo... on a Saturday

the zoo on a saturday is not my cup of tea.  but i did it anyway, because --

1.  i needed to get out of the house and engage the kids.
2.  parking is free
3.  i was temporarily insane
4.  i knew it would make the kids happy

so we went...

it was crowded.  i felt like it was "wal-mart day" at the zoo.  for real, people.  bleh.  why oh why did i go on a saturday???  so many, many tattoos.  babies wearing only diapers.  replace the strollers with blue shopping carts and i swear...  i mean, there is nothing wrong with tattoos {even my husband has one} i'm just saying...  okay, so hate me.  this all makes me sound terrible.  but i will leave it in to show my authenticity.

we did have fun.  and savannah really enjoyed looking and pointing at all the animals.  i had no idea that they would engage her so much.  she was laughing and pointing... in all the times that we have been, i have not really focused on her zoo "experience"  {insert mom guilt} so i need to work on that!

ethan enjoyed looking for bugs.  i mean, why look at the lion when there is a roly poly to be found. 

i tried to take pictures of the kids together.


this is how it started: 

me:  "okay ethan, sit on the curb, i want to take your picture"
ethan:  ignores me and turns his back.  starts digging in the dirt
me:  "come on, ethan"
ethan:  nothing
me:  "ethan, come on.  sit here and give me a smile"  then i get savannah out of stroller.
savannah:  freedom!  she hightails it down the crowded sidewalk.
ethan:  still digging
other people:  laughing at my failed attempt
me:  "ethan, sit down"
ethan:  "look at my roly poly"

such an adorable little boy thing.  the fascination of bugs...

notice the "fishy" on his belt loop?  it's fishy #2.  fishy number #1 is on the "lost list."  along with sister's brown shoe, white hair bow, and yellow peg in the hammer/peg toy.  i sure do wish i could not care about these things...  better yet, i wish i could find these things.









xoxo, s


  1. Priceless! I love his rolly polly pictures, too funny! And I love how much you love your kiddos to take them to the zoo on walmart day! :)

  2. I still think going on a Wednesday is worse (half price day) and Friday morning school days too YIKES! Love the cute pics! :)

  3. the zoo is pretty rotten on a half price wednesday. and really rotten on half price wednesday homeschool day. nothing against homeschoolers, but the homeschool zoo day is really, um, exhausting. the children act like the animals... oh my!

  4. You crack me up! I've been in those shoes before, only in a different cultural setting. Ah, Cleveland. ;-) Your pictures are great! Your kids are adorable.

    So, I tried to send you a message via FB and couldn't. :( Can you give me the name of a peds ortho dr. you would send your kiddos to? A friend of mine was asking. Thanks! johatter@yahoo.com


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