thank you for your sweet responses to my last post.  i am making baby steps toward healthy...  like right now, as i type this, i am snacking on a sandwich, not a waffle with butter.  and i went to bed before midnight 4 nights in a row now.  ah-mazing.

yesterday my mother came into town for a quick visit... she watched my littles so that i could work on my junior league placement that i still not finished.  grrr.  i am hoping that i come "close enough" that they don't make me do the rest of the hours next year.  but ehh, it's my own fault.

i procrastinated.  because it was one. more. thing.  and when savannah was little, i really couldn't even think of one. more. thing.

i mean, it was a loooonng time before i did shopping anywhere but braum's.  and occasionally target.  but only with the stroller.  not the buggy.

i tried to tell this to the volunteer coordinator at my placement.  "how could i shop for the needs of the placement, when i couldn't even take care of my family?"  and she looked at me like i was an alien.  and then i started in on the mom guilt.

but wait.

i do other stuff.  my family comes first.  i should not feel guilty for that.  and i am not super mom.  i can. not. do. it. all.

and i have found that people who look like they do it all -- they have helpers.  whether or not they talk about them.  or even consider that they have "helpers" they usually do.  a spouse that grocery shops or cooks or cleans or takes the kids?  that's help.  parents that keep the kids overnight routinely?  that's help.  and don't get me even started on the rest of the helpers.  paid helpers are not happening here.  :)

and that's okay.  i just need to cut myself some slack.

another mom said to me this morning, that after birthing a child you birth "guilt" as well.  umm, yes. 

anyway, i digress.

while my mother was here i asked her if she would dress ethan up in easter clothes and snap some pictures of him, because i wasn't too thrilled with what i had from the actual day.

and she did.  but you know what?  ethan is not at the easiest age for photos.  he's either grabbing his crotch, pointing, making a pretend camera around his eye or frowning.

i might need to have sabrina come to my rescue so that i get a few keepers this season.

this was the best one.


and then, i asked my mom to make him change clothes and take one more...

in a smocked outfit.  it was passed down to us 3 days before easter from my little-boy-clothing guardian-angel.

daddy said "no more smocking" almost a year ago.  sad day.  but i really wanted to know what my little guy but would look like all dressed up... soooo i figured, a little photo op never hurt anyone.  and you know what?  he couldn't have worn this anyway... it was 4 inches too short!  shoes-socks-legs-pants.  not a cute look.  :)


anyway.  i knew that ethan would cooperate better for his nana than me.  so a special thanks to my mother for taking pictures of him!

in other news, this morning a random guy was three houses up looking in windows and scoping things out, most likely to try and burgle houses.  nice, huh?  send some good vibes my way, i don't want any part of that!!

more randomness:  what do you mulch your vegetable garden with?   we need to mulch, stat!  i want to do a layer of newspaper, and then something on top...

also, is there anything i can do to increase my bee population??  we have flowers... lots of flowers... and i have only seen a handful of bees.

i. want. zucchini.  i. am. tired. of. hand. pollinating.  k?

and last random question -- does anyone know what kind of flower this is? {from my mother's day arrangement}  i really liked it, and 2.5 weeks later, it is still pretty....


okay.  all done with my randomness.  y'all have a nice wednesday.
xoxo, s


  1. It looks like some type of chrysanthemum to me, but I'm not a flower expert. Chrysanthemums are very popular Chinese flowers and it looks awfully familiar.

  2. Hahah...I'm cracking up at your flight of ideas! YES you do need to cut yourself some slack, I think you are indeed pretty super, but you can not possibly do it all by yourself. Exhibit A- my house, and there are no kids in it, sigh...it'll be clean one of these days! I have no clue about pollination or mulch, but Ethan still looks super cute in his searsucker jacket and smocked outfit! :)

  3. It's a mum.. they come in all shapes/sizes.

    Bees love honeysuckle... and it smells wonderful! But only the white or yellow kind, not the red. Good Texas-friendly one would be autumn sage (salvia greggii), which comes in all colors, blooms spring and fall, doesn't take much water, and returns every year. It's wonderful!


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