Garden Update

it is raining here.  really raining.  {opposed to pretend raining which it seems to do above our house.  sprinkle. sprinkle. done.} it rained last night too.  hallelujah!  our garden needs it.

i have high expectations for what i will find tomorrow...



maybe my new lettuce will have sprouted.  because this is almost done.  i took some to a friend this morning... isn't that the best thing about gardens?  sharing...

ahhh.  anyway... 

last week... no.  the week before last...  i touched one of the cucumber plants.

it died.  seriously.  i was like...hmmm.  black thumb, much, stephanie?

and i didn't touch any more of them.  and then another died.  like,  perfectly healthy --- whamo - wilted up dead.  we have four remaining.  let's keep our fingers crossed that this isn't some sesame street-esque subtraction game.


insert handy dandy google to realize we had some bacterial wilt going on.

bye-bye organic garden... hello sevin dust.  i mean, really.  what were the alternatives?  so.  perhaps we will just all pretend we are organic around here.  now, don't go all "neem oil" on me.  we have been down the organic route... sometimes you have to cheat.  i think there is a king of the hill about this very subject matter.  and i can handle an imperfect garden.  seriously.  i can.  like the lettuce picture -- you see the black seeded simpson {although i'm not so sure that's what it is, regardless of what the seed pkt said} something has made some swiss cheese style holes in it.  i'm okay with imperfection.  just not dead plants.

i also decided to plant more cucumber seeds... in case we have to entirely replant the cukes.  major bummer.  if we don't have to replant, maybe we can just grow them along the fence line...  gardening is so "learn as you go."  kind of like parenthood.

but the rest of the garden is really coming along nicely.  the herbs are crazy.  the mint!  enough for mojitos now.  the green beans are fresh and tasty.  and the lettuce has been wonderful.





and we have tomatoes.  and peppers.



and the eggplants have rebounded from whatever was eating all the leaves.  thank you sevin.  and even flowering!


and the cannas!  the sunflowers!



do you like ethan in his 'jama's?  that's how we roll sometimes while sister is napping in the morning.  why, might you wonder?  well.  if you could see the MOUNTAINS of clean laundry that have consumed me this week, you might take my one-less-thing-to-wash approach, too.  or not.  maybe i am lazy?  who cares.  he's happy.


xoxo, s


  1. Stephanie!! I am so jealous of your garden!! The unseasonably cold weather and the rain did a number to my garden. It is just now starting to recoop. Yours just looks fabulous.

    Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. The pictures of the kids are great.

  2. Wow. That's quite an achievement.

    Thank you so much for the fresh garden goodies; pesto was amazing, even M said so.


  3. It is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to one day have a garden. In the mean time, herbs in a pot. Sevin dust is amazing, and organic schmanic, overrated in a Texas backyard! :)

  4. looks wonderful! i know so much work goes into it! go steph!!

  5. you guys... thank you. but in all seriousness... it is my husband with the green thumb and the thinking brain behind the garden. i must give credit where credit is due!

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