the highlight reel...

do you know how nice it is to still see people posting their easter pictures?  its nice to know i am not alone!  the past three weekends have been packed with lots of things, big and small... and so have the weeks.  i won't bore you with all of it... so instead, here's the highlight reel: 

easter.  i love easter.  but i have yet to master the blissed-out-relaxed easter that i feel everyone else has.  in fact, the whole tradition thing always falls short of where i would like it to be.  ideally, i would like to have a fancy brunch at home.  and also attend the 11:00 service.  and hunt eggs.  hmm... you tell me how to make all that work and that would be great.  oh, and the kids desperately need afternoon naps.  and sister needs a morning one still.

{i must stop and tell you that i know this is not what easter is really about.  and i also must say that anything is better than skipping church to work easter brunch at a country club/city club.  something about that made me sooo bitter.  and now, i can't imagine going out to eat on easter, because i think it is the pits that the service staff doesn't get to be with their families.  okay.  i'm off my soap box.}

its the fancy brunchy/lunchy option that always seems to fall through the cracks.

this year was no exception.  brats and burgers.  perhaps that is our tradition.  :)  i can't complain... it was easy... and that was what i asked for.  easy-peasy.

i also asked for my husband to snap a photo of me and the kids before church...  it is not my favorite.  but come to think of it, i have never been happy with easter photos before {or after} church. 

have i mentioned that faustino hates taking the photos?  he always says "good enough.  we're done..." and i have learned it really isn't that useful to argue otherwise.


things i want to remember from easter service:  we let ethan wear his fishy on his white linen pants, and because of that, he was a complete angel through the entire service.  i did have to take him to pee in the service.  better than the alternative... :)  chickfila style.  and savannah went to the nursery and had a jolly good time.


the cousin time was fun...




and the egg hunting was great...





we hunted at the park... and practically had it all to ourselves. all three girls had their first "swing" and all three loved it!




then let's all fast forward to... Savvy's Birthday:

i know i'm biased, but she's pretty cute, huh?


here she is on her actual birthday.  perhaps its a dinosaur tea party that she is playing?  :) 

we had everyone over for her little birthday "party"...it was... low key.  faustino was post-call and bless his heart, offered to grill.  in the rain.  what a sweetheart.

highlights -- sister loves cake.  really.  she ate the whole piece so quickly, i didn't realize how much was gone.  i would not have really let her eat all of that had i been paying attention. also, my husband makes the best homemade french fries.  seriously.  and i saw savannah "dance" for the first time... and she finally cut that other top tooth - bringing the grand total to 4 on the top, 2 on the the bottom.




we also went to longview to celebrate sister's birthday with a whirlwind trip... my mom had things "lady bug themed" and it was quite cute and very thoughtful of her to get everyone together... sister enjoyed all the attention!  and ethan had cousin time which he l o v e d.  he also swiped quite a bit of icing from his sister's cake!



then, this past weekend was mothers' day.   now, i don't have any photos, but i must tell you a few highlights:  faustino brought me breakfast in bed -- migas!  my favorite.  i lounged and cat napped and didn't take care of the children {much} until 10!!!!!  guilt free laziness.  bliss.  and i received lovely flowers.  {insert satisfied sigh}

then we went to my sister in law's for lunch... which was wonderful... and i made the most tasty lemon bars i have ever had.  they were so easy, too!  thank you everyday food!

and now, folks, we are up to date!!  {and please forgive me for not adjusting or editing a single photo.  cardinal blog sin, i know.}

xoxo, s


  1. Yea for Easter and Savvy's Birthday! :)

  2. So I'm gonna have to comment up since this includes multiple life events! :)

    1) Easter- oh my goodness, the kids Easter outfits look so cute, love E's jacket and Savvy's dress. Too cute. Our family does Saturday evening fancy dinner b/c there's always too much going on for Sundays, and we have leftover sandwiches usually. Love the picture of Savannah with the pink Easter egg and in the swing with her thighs-yum!

    2) Birthday- Yay! She looked so precious and smart woman eating the cake! I love that sweet picture of Faustino with the candle and how awesome of a daddy to grill post-call. I figure our husband's are ALWAYS going to have a lot on their plates and it kinda makes me tear up (literally) to see how sweet he is with the kiddos and CHOOSES to make them and you a priority, just awesome.

    3) Happy Mother's Day! You are one classy mamacita and you deserved a day of rest and relaxation!

    4) Took my last final (EVER!) today, when is our lunch or dinner date gonna be? Can't wait!

  3. love the lady bug dress on savvy! so cute!
    also think that the pic of you and the kiddos on easter is a great one! love your dress color on you!! xxoxo


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