Mayhem & Milestones

i'm tired.  in a happy kind of way.  i've really been enjoying the kids lately... savannah hasn't been to school in 3 weeks thanks to 2 snow days and parent teacher conference day.  but, really, it hasn't been bad.   seriously.


although i just had to take a time out.  so i am a bit more refreshed after parenthood + couch + sugar free redbull + children asleep.  faustino just called from work to find out how my lunch date went, and i didn't even sugar coat the fact that i was recovering on the couch.


recovering from our first big boy underwear tt accident in public.  mercy.  this mom thing can beat you down...  thank god i had a sweet friend with me to watch savannah...  {although super mom in the booth next to us had the whole control-your-kid snarl thing going on.  she had two girls.  enough said.}

so... our milestones.

::  big boy underwear, all the time.  naps and nighttime in pullups.  it was time.  i don't have it in me to elaborate on it right now.

::  feb. 9th savannah got her top left tooth... feb. 13th she got the top right.

::  savannah stood up on her own {not pulling up!!  she does that all the time...} 4 times at the chick-fil-a play place.  she was proud!

::  last friday she waved and meant it... clapping and waving on cue all the time... and occasionally will wave a "hello" and know that she is doing just that!

hmmm... my happy time just ended.  both kids are now crying.  nice.  naptime's over...


i'll be back... i've been inspired to post about living in the present moment, being my unguarded, authentic self.

xoxo, s

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