A Little on the Geeky Side

i try to run away from technology when i can {mostly because it is too $$}  i mean, we have a digital converter box and no cable if that tells you anything.  and the only 3D movie i've seen is at disney.  {what!  people watch at home now?!?}

try as i may to RUN AWAY, slowly but surely, it is taking over my life. 

for example, i have resorted to potty training via iPad bribes.  for real.  everyday, it's "make a good choice, and you can play the iPad."  "no accidents and you can play the iPad"  "wear big boy underwear, and you are one step closer to playing the iPad"  it works better than anything else i have found in the potty bribing realm.  do you have any favorite kids' apps to recommend?  we've been playing the same 5 over and over.  snooze.

and while we are on the subject of the iPad, i must tell you that i think it is the most lovely and genius thing on the planet.  it is perfect in every way except it is hard to read in the sunlight and it doesn't support flash.  {which, i am sure they will improve, but it will be awhile before i upgrade... }  anyway, it is my right arm...

and my favorite app?  the flipboard!  because i have my google reader synced up to it...  {do you use a reader?  i use and love google reader.  isn't it the most wonderful thing?  if you read more than a couple of blogs, it really is a godsend time saver...  and its free.}  anyway, this is a really easy peasy tutorial on the google reader if you need it... and then you could click on the button on the side of my blog and subscribe to all the updates about our very little nest.  {900 sq. feet to be exact.  i think i've mentioned that before.  perhaps i am stir crazy still from last week.}  but back to flipboard... ahh... it is lovely.

and one final technology tidbit i must complain about is Mozy.  I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT MOZY.  you see, last week, if you had asked me about Mozy, i would have said "i love it, it gives me peace of mind, and its cheap."  what is Mozy, you ask?  it WAS all of my computer {photos and music, especially} all backed up to the server in the sky, so that if my computer was ever stolen or destroyed, they would just send me all of my files... presto!  well, now they have taken the "unlimited" storage away and hello!  do you know how memory heavy a digital photo is these days???  geez.  so i have had to change companies... which is fine, but your initial backup takes FOREVER.  no really.  forever.  i lucked out with Mozy, because the computer was relatively new, and there wasn't 310GB to back up.... so i switched to Crash Plan, but it looks like i will just have to wait a few months to get everything backed up {because i am too cheap to swing the $150 for them to ship me a hard drive}  so i have to figure out some sort of double coverage until i get things moved over.  bleh.

do you have an iPad?  a google reader?  Mozy?  am i all alone in my geekiness here?? 

sister had a well visit {with shots} this morning... so i have a sleepy little bean on my hands.  i've got to rescue our house {it is a pit from the weekend} and our floors {the weather made them less than clean}  and we are out of vital food... like milk.  so i must go to the store...  BUT, then i will be back with a post to detail all of Savannah's 9 month -ness.

anyway, technology pictures are boring.  so here is sister in the snow.   in her jammies with daddy.  less than thrilled.

xoxo, s


  1. I have no clue what you just said. ;-) J/K...but I am WAY behind when it comes to the whole keeping up with technology thing. Good luck with your backup storage!

  2. i am always so very, very behind too joley. the backup thing is making me nervous. it says it will take 60 days just to back up my photos! geez! upload speeds are SOOO slow. do you have your computer backed up somewhere?

  3. No (but I probably should). I keep my photos backed up on cd and Shutterfly (done immediately one after another due to the great Hatter computer crash of 2009- where I lost Christmas pictures). I rarely have anything of great importance (sad, huh) and in the event that I do, I just back up to a zip drive.

    Is there a way to back up your blog? Have you tried blogtoprint? These are things I have been wondering about for some time and don't know who to ask. Alyn just rolls his eyes (he thinks blogging and FB are silly).


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