Zoo Time

so the weather here has been a delight.  its been in the 60's/70's/80's... i am in heaven.  we've been outside a lot... {unfortunately, the pollen is outside too... i am super sensitive to these sorts of things} but anyway, we went to the zoo before my face got big and puffy, like it is now.

i was just taking photos, not bothering too much with the mechanics of everything like i should have been.  i need tutorials from my friend Sabrina... {who by the way, is starting a photography business and is super talented, and has a killer, can't pass it up deal right now... if you are local, you need to call her asap, while she is still dirt cheap!!}

i didn't pay attention to the background like i should have either.

oh well.  better luck next time.  {sister was getting fussy if that counts for excuses...}

in this one, savannah is trying to say:  "mom, i don't care about the 'mingos that brother keeps talking about.  the sun is in my eyes... my pants are too tight..."


but i was excited about the flamingo babies.  they are gray!  too cute!



savannah was quite entertained with ethan's antics - pushing the stroller around from the front.




this one is not in focus because...


i was trying to prevent this:


and then, her patience was  g o n e.  no smiles for mommy.


why won't they look at me??? why didn't i see that big sign and move my angle. geez.


{but isn't it cute how she held on to his leg?? and how he looks at her?}


and you don't know it, but in this picture, he is saying "shhhh, sa-nana. it's okay" swoon. melt. i am mush.


do your kids "blow bubbles" and think its funny.  GROSS.


but bubbles or not... he is precious.


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