Life and the Contradictions of Texas Weather


it's pretty freeze-y outside.  there are a lot of cheesy cliches thrown around here... wait a few days and the weather will change, blah, blah, blah.  we-el... that is the honest truth.  and this photo of ethan outside is the end of the 3 minutes he spent "playing" in the snow.  we are done.

the weather last week was wonderful.  i mean, won.der.ful.  we went to the zoo... we played outside.  i wore short sleeves....


and then, i bought this dress... for free{ish}... a $400 dress, 70% off + a gift card i didn't realize that i had.  you see, i had a formal to go to this past weekend, and i felt like borrowing a dress would be so college.  i am resisting with every bone in my body going on a residency rant about how we don't have any money for the extras.  cocktail dresses are extras.  this was a god send.  because god cares about cocktail dresses??

i didn't even need to worry about a wrap, much less a coat, on saturday night.

i also got a spray tan.  they've come a long way.  and the price reflects it!  luckily i played coy and they gave me a "trial" tan to see if i was interested in buying a package {yes, please.  3.5 years from now, thanks}

and luckily i have a friend that suggested i do this at the end of my day because you can't get wet at all for 8 hours after you tan.  clearly this was not designed for a stay at home mom with a baby and a toddler.  perhaps in 3.5 years the "wait" time will be shorter.  {dishes, bath time, diaper changes gone wrong.  the possibilities for liquid on the skin are endless}

i must tell you though, the tan was awesome.  you can't tell in the photo i pirated from a friend on facebook {iphone quality} but i had some color!  and i wasn't orange.


and the weather on saturday was awesome.  i know that photos in the high noon sun are terrible, but i couldn't resist taking my camera outside with us.




i love these squishy legs.  and cloth diapers.

fast forward two days and i am awakened by sleet pelting against the house and seeing our world covered by a blanket of ice in the morning.

its the kind of ice that no one likes to drive in.  i am a self proclaimed weather trooper {it's never that bad} but this time it was.  i ventured out on tuesday and then promptly turned around.  seriously, its been crazy icy here.  i got out today and it wasn't so bad, but there were icy spots.  and faustino drove slid down a neighborhood street sideways.

of course the kids' school was canceled.  there goes my wednesday morning of peace.

so i have been doing a lot of this lately.


and i am caught up on the entire tivo.  i know, notable, right?

and there is a tent set up in my living room.  folks, fyi, that means there is no space to walk in the living room.  so now that the munchkins are in bed... the tent comes down.

g'night.  stay warm.

xoxo, s


  1. Yay for Ethan getting a little snow/ice combo to play in. And double- make that triple- yay for an awesome Cocktail dress! I love it and I know what you're saying about "extras". Bleh! Hope y'all stay warm.

  2. Joley --it has been a mess down here with the ice... And we've been stuck in the house for days. How on earth do you stay sane up there?!?

  3. You look great! Looks like you had a fun time. I love little legs and cloth diapers. Too cute! Hope you're staying warm. We're supposed to get more snow tonight and tomorrow. Don't know where it's going to go.

  4. Davita - i saw the photos on your blog of the snow -- really, where on earth will it go? you will be buried in it!! I can not imagine and pray that we are someplace warm for fellowship!!!


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