Savannah, after her nap


savannah takes a shorter afternoon nap than her older brother.  which means we have quality time for about an hour before he wakes up.

i have been trying to be intentional about spending that time paying attention to her.  {i can fold a load of clothes, or whatever, but really engaging her is my top priority.}  i really have to be intentional with my savannah time... because i have serious mom guilt over ethan getting 100% of me at her age.

its actually a good time to do laundry. 

and it is a good time to watch my soap opera.

sister likes it too.  {no thanks to anyone that wants to give me bad mommy comments}

and she likes to look at brother's toys.

anyway, her favorite game is to pull the wipes out of the container.  she. loves. this. game.  she carries the wipe all over.  she is obsessed.  perhaps she is trying to tell me to wipe the floors??

its been like this the past week... i've just only taken pictures twice.  and i thought about taking pictures another day, but she was having a bad hair day... {oh the things you think about with a girl!!}

but it is really special girl time for me right now.  i'm loving it.  i think she is too...


  1. Oh Stephanie! She is adorable! I just love her sweet face! She could win any baby photo contest (good picture taking, btw). I know you enjoy each and every moment with your kiddos, but I know what you mean by being able to give each of them your undivided attention. It is a special time. And hey, there's nothing wrong with multitasking (even if it involves watching a dvd'd show for Mommy). :)


  2. Thank you, Joley. I'm glad you understand. And it's so hard with her because she is so laid back, she never even demands that much attention. I have to be very intentional about it! For example, we just went to the zoo, and she just sat in her stroller for 2 hours, perfect angel, never made a peep. If I weren't pushing the stroller, I would have forgotten she was there!


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