Carrot Soup

garden carrots

Saturday morning, my dear husband and son played outside... ethan "mowed" the bare garden, {in a shameful outfit that consisted of pajamas, rain boots, and a winter coat that i was too embarrassed to record in photographs.} While ethan mowed, faustino harvested our carrots.

we've harvested some here and there, but by far, this was the largest batch of them.  2 lbs!  these are fingerling carrots... they are small, and tasty.  pretty sweet.  but i must tell you that cleaning them was a labor of love.  little carrots aren't easy to clean.  and carrots are really dirty.  so dirty that from now on, i think i will make sure to only buy organic carrots. 

but back to the soup.

i had a bit of an Eeyore attitude this weekend.  so soup sounded like a mood lifter.  but i am also a procrastinator, so i didn't start on the soup until the weekend was nearly done.  anyway, when faustino asked what i was going to do with the harvest, i told him soup.  i figured it wouldn't be too hard, and i was correct!

and then i happened upon a carrot soup recipe in my google reader.  it was meant to be.

except i wanted more spices.  and garlic.  and i didn't want to shred my carrots.  but i liked the potato idea...

so here is my soup recipe, that is on my "make again" list.

Fingerling Carrot and Potato Soup

2 lbs baby carrots
1 lb white potato
1 onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
olive oil
vegetable stock carton
bacon {optional, but why not???}
garlic salt
cayenne pepper
heavy cream {optional, but such a nice touch}

fingerling carrot bounty
wash and scrub your carrots, trim {these are pre-trimed}

sauteing onions
saute diced onion and minced garlic in olive oil, until soft but not browned.

grated potato
while onion softens, grate potatoes

carrot soup before blended
add potatoes and carrots, cook for 5 minutes on medium.  add carton of vegetable stock and cover.  cook until vegetables are soft.

soup in blender
puree in batches in blender, and then transfer to pot. 

carrot soup in pot
season to taste.  i am a horrible judge of salt, because i like salty things... and the garlic salt was a nice touch.  and the black pepper was wonderful.  i only used 2 - 3 pinches each of the nutmeg and cayenne.  i might have done more, but didn't want to risk it...

bacon pieces
fry bacon.  i like to cut it up before hand, but you could just fry it up in whole pieces and then crumble.  i made extra bacon... i ate a lot of bacon.

carrot soup
serve with some cream and bacon on top. 

what a treat.  seriously.

and the owner of these chubby legs loved it too.
savannah's chubby legs

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