Happy New Year

well, it's 2011.  time really has flown by for me this last year.  where on earth did it go?  even just this last month. flew. by.  crazy.

and pictures to show for it?  nope.  i took some non-blog worthy photos that captured the delight of my son seeing that santa ate the cookies we made, and his excitement at receiving a "big rig" and "digger" under the tree.  i took pictures of savannah, dressed in cute christmas clothes.  but folks, i put no thought into those photos.  and after looking at them, i must do better next year.  it is fun to look back at good pictures, and this year's batch wasn't so great.






i didn't take photos of us enjoying our {new tradition} of crab on christmas eve.

i didn't blog about my realization that i needed to prepare a "christmas day" meal, on christmas eve eve.  {panic, my friends, sheer panic}

and i don't know martha, but sure would like to thank her for the incredible green bean casserole recipe.  wow.  and my mom's cranberry apple pie.  a new holiday staple.

and healthy little ones.

and curling up with my prodigal son cat.

while using my new ipad.  {you have no idea how cool i feel using it.  we went from no computer, no internet.  me checking my email in the tom thumb parking lot using their free wifi on my husband's old laptop from med school that hardly worked.  and now we have a computer, the internet, and i have an ipad.  i am amazed, really. }

and after christmas, i haven't even started taking down my tree.  i have pruned the kids' toys down.  i have scoured the floor multiple times to make sure every damn lincoln log is picked up {can we say PERFECT choking hazard??}  and i have eaten more than my fair share of food that should be eaten in extreme moderation.

and for what it is worth, ethan grew an inch this month.  we measured today, a little over 40 inches.  wow. 

so happy new year.  may it be abundant and may you feel god's blessings in your life.

xoxo, stephanie

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  1. Happy New Year! I did the same with Christmas pictures this year...oh well. There is always next year I guess. Umm, cranberry apple pie sounds amazing. Why don't you plan on bringing that to the next playdate? :)


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