A Sussy


on saturday afternoon, i had the delight of opening a package addressed to me.  it was from a sweet friend that lives out of town and there was no reason for sending it.  just because.  it wasn't anything terribly expensive... but it was thoughtful -- a note, a starbucks gift card, and two christmas ornaments for next year.

it makes me want to randomly send someone else a little sussy.  completely unexpected.  for no real reason.

in january.

when people aren't accustomed to getting gifts. 

because it made my day.  perhaps you, too, would be interested in sending a random friend a little gift?  its fun...

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  1. sweet friend! glad you enjoyed your "sussy." i had to look that one up sister. i had no idea that that's what i sent you :) it's for all the times you've helped me out by shipping stuff on over to h town. thanks for always thinking of me :)

    xxoxx, j


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