Estate Sale Goodies

was your three-day weekend wonderful?

mine was mostly wonderful {ethan and i had some major head butting.  we need to control-alt-delete...but that's another post!}  we had some pajama filled mornings and took advantage of the gloomy weather and stayed in.  we did however, get out for some pretty jewelry...

i love enamel jewelry.  love it.  LOOOOVE it.

and then we went to an estate sale warehouse sale... where everything was 50% off.  now, for full disclosure, there was mostly crap.  or things that weren't crap, but weren't my aesthetic.  or things i just didn't need/don't have room for in our tiny nest.

but for a whopping $3.14, i managed to find a few treasures.


first up - grapefruit spoons.  these are quite ugly.  i want some that aren't quite so hideous, but it is citrus season, and i don't feel like holding out for the perfect spoon.  i would also like more than 2.  but for 25 cents each, i couldn't beat it!


i bought ethan a mickey book that i remember reading as a child...

some bias tape... vintage bias tape.  that i can surely use for something crafty.


and some vintage patterns.  i really wish they were in a size 2T {so savannah could wear them sooner}, but i think they will be fun in larger sizes too.  or maybe i can scale them down?  hmm.... {and they had some cute vintage ladies' dress patterns...in sizes WAY too big for me.  complete bummer}



and then i couldn't pass up this broccoli floret.  i know, it is random.  it smells like old lady house.  but it is really cool.  and it looks like a lot of time and love was spent crafting it.  it looked so lonesome... i had to get it.


my final treasure:  a vintage hand embroidered hanky.  love it.  delicate and in perfect condition.  the rest of them, not so delicate nor were they in perfect condition.  total score.


all in all, not too bad for just over three bucks.  random but interesting estate sale finds.  and my cat was really into the old lady smell.  at least one of us was excited about that aspect of my finds.


so, back to the weekend...

we ordered a pizza; i ate 6 slices.  and i bought braum's ice cream sandwiches.  i had 2 one day, 4 the next.

oink, oink.  :)

baby sister is in "baby jail" in this picture.  it's where she goes when i can't give her 100% attention, because lordy, she's a fast and fearless crawler that wants to pull up on everything.  and she has the darnedest ability to find dirt on the floor and make mud in her mouth.  GROSS.  {that's what happens when your entryway is your play area.}


and here is ethan, watching tv.  because i am an all star mom.  {i am still trying to balance a clean house and limiting tv.  i am convinced that people who really limit the PBS have housekeepers.  prove me wrong and let me in on the secret!  how do i balance it??}


and i have been doing some crafting of my own... what do you think?  its not nearly perfect... but i'm getting better and better.  i love flour sack towels.  maybe one day i will do some for my own kitchen... this is the first of four i need to make for a gift.  what do you think?  i wish the lighting had been better.  it really looks better in real life.  and i have no idea what Casa de CaVia is about.  it's what she asked me to do...



and i just finished thank you notes for ethan's birthday... so there is light at the end of the tunnel.  hallelujah!


  1. The towel is precious! Umm...so can we go to shop for bargains together? I love Estate sales, rummage sales, etc.! And might as well throw in some lunch too! I know we're both on the same budget- and I love a good find! :)

  2. Yes! I would love it! And you could help me wrangle the little ones so we can prevent the "you break it, you buy it" thing that I can't afford! :)

  3. I just LOVE the towel!! And I'm a TV mom. I was raised by a TV mom. We do A LOT of TV in this house. Luckily, daddy balances it out when he is home. :)


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