My Friend, Kelly

my sweet friend kelly, who lives in arizona, made a visit to longview for the christmas holiday.

we go back... WAY back.

as in, she was the first "playdate" without my mother when i was a toddler.  we went to church together and endured hours on end of low budget youth group entertainment... and mission trips.  and sang in youth choir together.  and laughed inappropriately in church.

i am so blessed by her friendship.  its the kind that everyone would want... filled with memories and inside jokes.  we must have won the award for being annoying to other people.

she taught me how to pluck my eyebrows.  {for that, i feel forever indebted!  haha!}

we've had our fair share of sisterly style fights, but we've made up every time... i have always felt like she was a sister of mine {and ironically, we shared the same last name}.  we've laughed, cried, and prayed for one another.  there was a long period of time where we set our watch alarms and synced our watches so that we would stop and pray for the other at the same time every night, no matter what we were doing.

she's been a special friend.  an inspiring friend.  she is a gifted artist.

we went to college together. {seriously, kelly, my photos of us are scarce... can you supplement me?}

kelly and me random

she introduced me to my husband.  {kelly, do you have any photos of that trip?}

we traveled to italy together. {kelly, do you have yours scanned in your computer?  i would LOVE them...especially since my camera was stolen in milano}

kelly king and me in italy

we were in each others weddings. {kelly, i can't find any of my santa barbara pics from YOUR wedding!  help!}

S&F 049

and now we've had babies at the same time.  and i needed to meet those babies of hers {can you believe that we have kids nearly exactly the same age??}

it was a short but sweet visit...









and at the end, it was sealed with a kiss from kelly's adorable little girl to my little boy.  seriously sweet.

and sweet of her husband to snap some photos of us.

i miss you, kel - xoxo, s

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