This Year

this year i want to be intentional.  i want to be authentic.  i want to be transparent, but i want what is seen to be positive and good. {boy, do i feel like i have my work cut out for me right there}

i have a lot of work to do on myself.  my patience.  my kindness.  my temper.

i have some "rising above" and some "taking in stride" that needs to be done.

i have some bitterness to shed.

i have positive routines that need to be implemented.

and i can use this blog to keep me accountable.

we are over halfway into the first month of the year, and i have yet to post my new years resolutions.  new years resolutions stress me out. 

I have written and rewritten this post. I have shared things, and then promptly hit the backspace button. I have been breaking point style stressed, pissed, elated, hopeful, overwhelmed and other contradictory emotions... All the while trying to explain my hopes and dreams for this year. If my memory is correct, I did something similar last year and ended up never posting {and never fully committing to} my intentions for the year. I want to be intentional in my choices this year. In fact, i want "intentional" to be my word for this year.

So this year, i want to:

::  clip coupons + menu planning

::  sewing project per month

::  read a book per month

::  craft per month

::  regular exercise routine

::  chore schedule

::  tackle my junior league placement

::  digital clean out

::  create an intentional time in the day to have a quiet time

::  better bed time for myself, train myself to rise early

I think the last one will be the hardest. And i think that managing my time to tackle my list will be incredibly difficult. Being consistent with these will challenging, but I am hopeful.

And because I want to post this now {and stop procrastinating!} I am posting without any pictures because I am sitting in the target parking lot while savannah naps. Ethan's at school...sister needs a nap...but mama needs to restock our pantry! {it is all about time management, right?}

Xoxo, s


  1. Those are great resolutions... I too need to organize my digital life, and I'm hoping to churn out some more craft projects. Good luck!

  2. thank you... i will need the luck! i hope that you are feeling much better... i can only imagine being sick at the rodeo! yikes!!!!


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