Cabin fever and black eyed peas

On the first day of this year, I had a moment. And no, it was not one of my best moments. It was more of a I-have-to-get-out-of-this-house-or-I-will-really-lose-it moments. Isn't that pathetically sad?

But it was so true.

Besides a quick trip to the grocery store on christmas eve and a irritating trip to the apple store on the day after Christmas {what was I thinking?} the only other time I have been out without the offspring was a quickie trip to the county hospital pharmacy. {quick only because they were closed}

So all of a sudden today, I have this horrific mood come over me. And I think, what is wrong with me... And then it hits me. It's like the summer all over again. I miss the kids having school. And I think to myself that if anything comes between me and my Wednesday morning I am going to have a breakdown.

Luckily my husband said that should take a few hours to myself and get out.

Thank god.

so I had two blissful hours alone at b&n, anthro, and central market. I picked up some black eyed peas and was able to get dinner on the table without it being a huge ordeal.

It was the end of the day, but I eventually felt like I was starting fresh.

Do you want to know the random thing i was irked about? No one was making traditional fare for me to feast upon today. So, I took matters into my own hands.

Did you eat your black eyed peas today? Would you like to know how I made mine? They were so good and easy that I think I will make them once a month. What a simple, economical meal that even Ethan likes.

I used 3 cans of black eyed peas with bacon flavoring of some sort, and I drained and rinsed them.

I added them to a pot with a can of beef broth and 2 cups water.

I cubed up a center cut of ham and used a ham shank that my MIL had in her freezer.

I added a diced yellow onion and two spoonfuls of jarred diced garlic.

I let it boil, the liquids reduce and then simmered.

We ate it with cornbread... And it was so tasty. It made me miss new year's day at mom-mom's {my mother's mom}...but I am sure that my family enjoyed it without me!

I can now say that I feel like I am starting the year fresh. And I had my black eyed peas for good luck or whatever they are supposed to bring me. And this year, very soon, I will type out my goals...because I need to be accountable to somebody about these things. Stay tuned for my plans for the year... I'll type them up on my iPad first ;)

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