i'm working on...

getting "un-frozen"

and no, i don't mean the cold weather.

i'm pretty much in the the "frozen" state of lots to do... where the heck to start???  soo... first on the list is the laundry, and tonight, blogging.

i've got lots of material... ethan's birthday party, savannah's baptism, visits with friends... and the daily grind.

the boxes of christmas did make it to the attic today.  and faustino now has a dentist appointment on the books.  slowly but surely.  {did i mention, i am caught up on my tivo'd tv, minus my days episodes?  that's big, people.  c'mon, priorities.  well, actually, just trying to stay sane...}

that's something, right?

and photos... well folks.  its sad.  i have been neglecting my camera.  but, things are looking up!



  1. glad you're "unfreezing." i do that too...just look around, frozen, wondering what to do next. things are looking up here too, so maybe we're both doing some good. can't wait to see bday pics...jenn

  2. thanks jenn. i'm trying. really. bday pics are coming. i SWEAR.


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