Advice from Ethan

when my kids do something or say something really funny, i am going to start posting it.  wouldn't it be tragic to forget these pearls?  i think so.

so, for those who don't know, we live in a house wedged between the highway and businesses...several of which are restaurants.  {jolly good fun.  i tell, ya}

those restaurants supply food via the dumpsters for a large army of feral cats and the occasional feral human.

of course we have chip and chop, the alley cats that sleep in my front yard, roaming about constantly.  but now, every time i look out the window or open the door, i see AT LEAST one new cat.

and lordy.  they are noisy.

i suppose its that time of year in the animal kingdom.

anyway, because of the ice storm and roads being dangerous a few weeks ago, ethan heard quite a bit of adult jabber to the extent of "be careful" right before someone left the house.


last week, i was leaving the house for something... where was i going?  who knows.  blockbuster?  braums?  it was dark outside... i think faustino and my mother-in-law were home.

anyway, ethan pulled me down to his level and said, "mom, be careful."

i said, "oh, i will.  i'll be right back.  it's no big deal, sweetie."

and he said, "be careful.  there's wild cats out there."  very serious.  big eyes.  completely confused now by my fits of laughter.

my silly little man.

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