Savannah at Nine Months

savannah is {slightly more than} 9 months old.  9 months.  can you believe that?  i think it is crazy how quickly time passes.  CRAZY.  being a mom lets you experience that most insane time vacuum.  time passes slowly and quickly... and is a blur at times.  wasn't i just in that newborn fog? {or perhaps i still am...}  those first six months... ugh.

{it looks like she should get her top teeth any day now... but its been like that for a week and a half.  so who knows.}

but, back to savannah

she has quite the sweet personality... she is very curious, yet quiet and calm.  she doesn't sit still long enough to snuggle, and i don't know how she manages to nurse so quickly -- but she does.  she is on the move, pulling up on everything and everyone.  moving from point a to point b in lightning speed.  putting everything in her mouth.  {i love it when she has a paci in -- she isn't putting everything into her mouth!  it's like a plug!}  i really couldn't ask for an easier baby. 

for my own record keeping, the savannah info:

goodnight and good morning...
we put her down to bed around 7:30 in the evening {mostly easy peasy} and she is waking up anywhere from 5:30 - 7:30 in the morning.  her waking depends on not only her own clock, but how early my husband has to round on his patients... i think that when he is up and she is in a lighter state of sleep, she hears him getting ready for work... {remember, our nest is on the teeny tiny side}

right now, a morning nap is critical, but sometimes tricky, as i try to balance ethan's school "window of errand running time" with a little girl that needs to nap.  sometimes it doesn't work out so well.  at. all.  and then the kids nap at the same time in the afternoon {around 2:00} but they are in the same room.  again, sometimes it doesn't work out so well.  at. all.  :)

{in this picture, she totally passed out after school... i still had to put sheet on her bed so i put her on the floor...  she never stirred!  what a sleepy baby.  99% of the time she will only sleep in her crib after i have put her down.  this was so rare!}

she nurses 3 - 5 times a day... its usually more like four, but it's not like it really affects her nap schedule anymore.  sometimes she is too busy to be interested in sitting still to nurse.

and lordhavemercy, she can eat.  she's become quite agitated at the table if she thinks that she is getting something different from us... so as of the last wednesday in january, we've given her table food torn into small pieces.  she loves it.

and i give her juice and miralax once a day... enough about that :)

on the move...
her growth chart specifics:  20 lbs, 10 oz.  and she is 27.75 inches... {but last time she was 28 inches... so something is amiss with her 6 7 month stats... my friend had an issue like this with her pedi... do they have issues measuring?  hmmm....}  anyway, she's following the same growth curve, i think she's 75% for weight...she really seems to be slowing down a bit on the massive growing streak.  right now we just switched to size 4 diapers when we wear disposables at night and on the go {cloth diapers at home now that we conquered a 2 month stint of diaper rash}  i know that she is under the weight range for size 4, but i assure you, she needs them. we are mostly in size 12 months clothing.  except i try when i can to put her in larger bottoms... she's just so...umm... squishy.

she has been enamored with wooden puzzles lately, playing with them with her brother.  he enjoys her... they are adorable to watch.  he calls her sah-nana...  i melt.

{i cheated and edited out peas and puffs that were littering my floor.  i had to tell you to keep it real, but it really made me look like a sloppy housekeeper.   even though they had just fallen off the table minutes before.}

she is so easy going i still can't believe it.  she requires me to be incredibly "hands on" right now because she is into everything and is fearless.  i have to really watch her.  she is active and wriggly, so i have a hard time changing her on the changing table.  in fact, when i pin her down to change her diaper, that is really the only time she gives me any grief.  she doesn't mind getting dressed though.  she's been wearing hair bows in her fine, blond hair.  she tolerates them wonderfully.  i think it is so cute.

i could ramble on and on about her, which is what i think i am doing.  i think it's a mom thing.  :)


  1. Savannah is just beeeeeaaaauuutifullll! Your posts are so funny, with all the many details you include. Isn't it wonderful, like keeping a personal diary? It's fun to just forget that anyone will ever read it besides yourself...and then you find out someone else DID read it and you shared your precious little moments with them. In fact, sometimes I forget anyone will ever read mine...and then I wonder how CRAZY I must sound at times. I especially like that you edited the food off the floor in your pic of Savannah...how funny! I must tell you that Savannah was stealing the show in that photo and I am certain no one would have noticed the crumbs (or were they puffs?), however I completely appreciate that my dear Stephanie would take the time to painstakingly ensure every detail was tended to...reminds me of how we ended up working together...SO LONG AGO...can you believe how much life has changed? YOU HAVE TWO BABIES!! And way back then, who ever woulda thunk I would be TEACHING a bunch of wild 5th graders?! Dearest Stephanie, we must get together one lazy summer day to watch your kids play in the park while we lounge in the sun (or shade). I will think of that moment as a motivator to help me get through the next 4 months...

  2. Savannah is such a doll! She is absolutely precious! I can't believe she is already 9 months...I feel like just yesterday I was reading about you and your little belly!! I too wish we were closer so that we could get our babies together! Hope all is well...love seeing posts of those sweet babies!!


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