swim lessons...

are necessary.

are exhausting.

are a battle.

don't let these photos deceive you.


this one was before the first day.  he had no clue what was coming.


and in this one, he was focusing on the goggles, and momentarily forgot why he was wearing the goggles.

one of my friends said it was worse than potty training.  well, i could see how that could be, but it isn't worse for me.  {that was a serious low for me} but it is not easy.  i do think that comment put it into perspective for my husband.  always nice when an outside party validates the struggle to him.  makes me sound more credible.  you know??  just me.  i thought so.

anyway, swim lessons are every day.

and i am thankful for them.  please, don't get me wrong.  i am so grateful that we have the opportunity.  that we got a time slot in the ridiculous rat race of swim lesson sign ups.  i really am.

but they are everyday.  and ethan doesn't want to go.

at. all.

and not in a major drama way.  they are sad, scared tears.  not crazy-fit-angry tears.

it is hard to see your kiddo that way.

but apparently, this is the only way that works.  so we will press on.

you should see the energy i put into getting there, and then rewarding for a good lesson.  ice cream.  chickfila.  playdates.   the purchase of goggles.

another mother told me to tell my son this:  it is hard, and scary, i know.  but i have faith in you that you can do hard and scary things.

and that resonated with me.

so while my son learns about floating on his back and kicking his little legs on the surface, i am learning to empower my son to step up to challenges.

this parenting stuff is heavy

xoxo, s


  1. i completely agree about the swim lessons. whew. we just got home and I am pooped. we've been doing them for SIX MONTHS! (for 5 months I had to be IN the pool with him which was a total nightmare at times) My husband only sees his shining moments in the pool - never the rough stuff. Hang in there. I'm TOTALLY with you.


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