swimmin' and shoppin'

the swim update:

for what it is worth, swim lessons were a complete success.  could he have benefited from 4 weeks vs. 2? well, of course.  but on saturday, he was swimming.  and floating.  and swimming down to the bottom to get dive sticks...

sigh. of. relief.

we went to a lake/pool/husband work thing this weekend.  i was delighted that ethan showed his mad fishy skills to his daddy.

but i didn't take a single photo.  how on earth could i have??  why aren't mothers given octopus arms???

and he keeps saying "swimming lessons are over?  oh, i miss them.  i miss Miss Dayna"


but i did take some photos of my shopping trip.  a shopping trip to walmart.  not my favorite shopping spot.




the comments i received from fellow shoppers ranged from:  "are you an extreme couponer?" to "are you trying to kill someone with the sodium content in all of those cans of spam and vienna sausages?"

glamorous, no?

but really, i was shopping for the rainbow room. {which is my junior league placement}

the whole time i kept saying, "thank god the kids aren't with me"  and "if i had done this a year ago, i might have died.  no wonder i procrastinated my JL placement"

and i was surprised, because i also must say, the people of walmart warmed my heart.  one lady watched my buggy while i got a second one.  an old guy and his grandson pushed my carts to the checkout lane.  and the man gathering carts in the parking lot helped push one of my buggies to my car.

i really was shocked.

seriously.  i usually have a narrow miss of being run over in the parking lot or someone blatantly cuts in the checkout lane.  and why on earth would there be a website for a group of shoppers if there wasn't a kernel of truth to this?  i'm just saying... there is an entire website devoted to them.  really. 

however, at one point i was stopped in the middle of an aisle, and a lady started shopping out of my cart.  she seemed peeved when i told her that those cans of fruit were mine.

ethan thought that when we went to stock the food room yesterday that it was the coolest thing ever.  win, win.

have a good week - xoxo, stephanie


  1. look at those groceries! it is nice when you find kindness in complete strangers. makes you feel like fighting the fight for the world. have a nice week. we have ortho graduation festivities this weekend and the next. fun, fun. still don't know what i am wearing to the graduation dinner on sat.

  2. Yay! Good for Mr. E! And good for Mama S hanging in there and sticking to her guns! :) Wow, that's a ton of groceries, and yes extreme couponing, yada yada, but where the crap do they put all of that stuff?


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