Numbers and my Preschool Boy

we've been working on our numbers here.




so hard.

this little guy has a little streak of lazy-mindedness.  he knows the answer.  he DOES.  I KNOW HE KNOWS.

but he doesn't want to take the time to think of the right answer. 

i mean, we all do that sometimes right??  like, let auto correct get a word we always misspell.  or use a calculator to do basic math.

or ask where the ____ is, even though it would be very easy to look for it. {i think that might totally be a man thing, though}  :)

or in ethan's case, recognize numbers that he KNOWS.  he can certainly count.  but if you show him the number 10 or 7 or 5 or sometimes even 3... it is a toss up if he will get it right.  some worse than others.  it certainly isn't limited to those four numbers.  all of them.  ALL OF THEM.  he chooses to not recall all of them at one point or another.

i am thinking this might be a boy thing.  opinions??

we are trying the number of the day.  that has yet to be proven successful.

so... i bought some workbooks.


i will keep you posted.  and pray for patience.

and if you have tips for me -- share them, PLEASE.


  1. At my grandson's school, they use jelly beans. If they get the number right, they get that many jelly beans. Of course, you can't do to many numbers or you end up with a tummy ache - BUT a couple a day and soon he will be catching on!

  2. that is a good idea! he has a sweet tooth and would totally go for treats! thank you!

  3. I think it is just age. Emerson is terrible at numbers too. Great at letters, great counting terrible at recognition. I asked Ms Joy about it at school last year and she said that numbers and early math are really hard for kiddos to understand and grasp at their age. She said not to fear, that it would come with time. So, you are WAY WAY ahead of us with the workbooks...maybe I should get some too. Would certainly be something we could do in air conditioning this month.

  4. thank you, sabrina. sigh of relief after reading that comment. a small feeling of peace washed over me... xoxo, s


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