little tidbits.

catching up with the randoms... you know how i said we managed to pack a lot into our last week?  well, i feel like i am just giving you the highlights... and leaving out the good stuff.

like how when we were at target around 9:00 am on monday morning, picking up cat food, ethan decided that it would be really cool to stick his fingers in the holes in the buggy.

and they wouldn't come out.


so, i tried hand lotion from a tester.  nope.  then i decided to ask a target employee... and yes, my child wasn't the first.  it turns out baby oil will do the trick.

this photo doesn't even do the situation justice...


please do tell me you have had a similar experience.  no?  just us.  that's what i was worried about.   thank goodness we asked before they began their start-the-morning-employee-meeting.  i wouldn't have wanted to be the entertainment for that :)

but lets rewind a touch... the day before we celebrated ella and grace {my nieces} birthday... can they really already be 1???  i swear, they were just born.



savannah liked their gifts and certainly tried to kidnap their baby dolls.  oh sister.

and while we are on the subject of savannah... well, missy is at that age where if you take your eyes off of her for a moment, she will be into something.  and i mean, a moment.

sometimes, i feel like i just sit on the couch and watch her.  and then, i think -- i've got to get xyz done... and the problems begin.

stir a pot on the stove = savannah dunking her pacifiers in the cats' water bowl.

go to the bathroom = jumping on the couch/playing with the wireless modem cord/pulling a cat's tail/conflict of violent proportions with brother

change a load of clothes = pull all the shirts out of brother's drawer.

i could go on.  and on.

but it did warm my heart when i was cooking and in a panicked rush realized she was not in the kitchen anymore... and not watching t.v. with brother {i know, bad mommy, but i was trying to pull her attention to the living room!}

my little reader.


i must also tell you how completely adorable it was to see my daughter act like a little mommy... trying to give paci's and bottles to the little babies we played with... so sweet.  and she is quite gentle.  m e l t


and too, i must brag on brother. who had wonderful behavior... even though it wasn't his turn for a playdate.  savannah goes along for all of his, but this time, he went along for her's... and i was secretly beaming with joy.  no whining.  not a smidge of destruction on a non-preschool proofed home.  non-toddler proofed too... he would take the breakables out of savvy's hands ever so gently and hand them to me.  oh so very sweet.  and when he did this, and savvy's copped some sass... he put his hand over her mouth and told her "be quiet" because the babies were sleeping!

when did he get so grown up???


and finally... i leave you with this.  as i was getting ready for the day, ethan decided he would too... he was already dressed and ready to go, but decided to get daddy's deodorant and put it in his "arm pits" which were actually the bends in his arm behind his elbows... he said to me:  "smell me.  i put this on my arm pits and now i smell great!!!"  and was SO PROUD of himself.  ahhh... to be 3.

xoxo, s

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