exhausted in a good way

this week has been full.  full of fun for the kids.  not necessarily full of an empty laundry basket or a week of tasty suppers.  i have yet to have a week where all aspects of the week are "on"


but the house stayed picked up all week.  and we stayed busy.  some weeks we don't stay all that busy but boy do i cook great dinners.

win some, lose some.   yet, obviously, i can't let it go.  i want it all, all of the time.

anyway, we enjoyed playdates and a visit from my mother... i don't think i had any nap overlap with the children... but occasionally, ethan DID nap.  praise!   ethan's behavior is really getting so much better and we have had fun working on lessons together during savvy's naptime.  and sister has been amazing me with what she says.  she sings the first part of abc's.  green {the color of the popsicle she was eating}, recognizing the letter 'e', calling a friend by name.  the words!  the opinions!  new things e v e r y d a y.  slow down sister.  you are growing so fast!



and next week is our last week of summer!  i've felt the shadows change in the evening for about a week and a half now, i noticed last wednesday.  fall is right around the corner. 

and then, i will relish the structure.  and surely will blog more.  :)  i have all kinds of things to say that aren't child-related.  i actually start many posts and end up not finishing them.  i have one from the beginning of the summer about checking on my new years resolutions... i have another that said my google reader was empty.  and then it promptly filled up again.  and while we are on that subject..  oh my gracious, my email is out of control.  heaven help.

lots to think about...

back to school teacher gifts?

fall garden?  y i k e s.  haven't even thought this far.  maybe i need to start my seeds, like, right this minute?  oh my.

if i want to give handmade christmas gifts... now would be a good time to start.

and don't even get me started on my pinterest list.  we did manage to tackle this and this.  only 200 million to go :)

and why is my heart being tugged at to stop eating grains?  i love bread.  with my whole heart.  grrr....

xoxo, s


  1. I love her pink tutu. Too cute! Miss all of you! xoxo, P

  2. I love the picture of her with her book- precious! Don't overwhelm yourself missy with having it All together, I love that you've instead spent time with the kiddos. You'll surely remember that instead of remembering what you had for dinner :) And grains are good for you! :)


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